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The flipSwitch component displays a command button that toggles between an On and Off state. This UI element is common on the iOS platform for toggling a setting on or off. This component generates server side action event when pressed.

Note selectFlipSwitchwill be converted to a concrete JSF component in a future release. Repaint speed should improve as a result.


<h:outputLabel for="cor" value="Auto-Correction"/>
<mobic:selectFlipSwitch id="cor" style="float:right"
                        labelOn="ON" labelOff="OFF"


FlipSwitch supports device theming by providing default styles for Apple, Android and Blackberry.  CSS class names are as follows:

  • mobi-flip-switch (mobi-flip-switch-off | mobi-flip-switch-off)
    • mobi-flip-switch-txt
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