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Progress bar is a progress indicator that can work on the client side by itself or gets its progress update from the server using ajax.


Client side only:

        <script type="text/javascript">
            function begin()
                this.progressInterval = setInterval (
                    clientSideBar.setValue(clientSideBar.getValue() + 10);
                , 2000);

            function stop()


                <ace:progressBar widgetVar="clientSideBar" />

            <h:panelGrid width="100%">
                        <h:commandButton value="Start" onclick="begin();" type="button" style="float: left;"/>
                        <h:commandButton value="Cancel" onclick="stop();" type="button" style="float: right;"/>

Component Attributes

JavaScript APIs / Client Behaviours

Keyboard and ARIA Support

Known Issues

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