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TextEntry is a component for entering single line text. It has additional styling and functional feature.

Getting Started

<ace:textEntry id="firstNameInput" value="#{textEntryBean.firstName}" label="First Name" labelPosition="left" required="true" requiredIndicator="(*)" indicatorPosition="right"/>


TagLib Documentation
This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available here.

value is the input text.

label and labelPosition specify the label text and its position relative to the input field. Positions can be "left/right/top/bottom/inField/none". Default is "none".

required indicates whether the user is required to provide a non-empty submitted value for this component. Default = "false".

Depending on whether input is required, an optionalIndicator or requiredIndicator can be supplied. The position of the indicator is specified by indicatorPosition. Positions can be "left/right/top/bottom/labelLeft/labelRight/none". Default is "labelRight" if labelPosition is "inField", "right" otherwise.

Event Listeners

valueChangeListener Listener method that will be notified when a new value has been set for this input component.

Client Behavior Events

blur Fired when the text input field loses focus (default event).

JavaScript API

The client side text entry object is exposed through the global variable named by the widgetVar attribute, but currently there is no API useful to the user.

Keyboard Support

These keyboard shortcuts work only in a popup calendar without the time component. Some of them may conflict with browser keyboard shortcuts.

Keypress Result
page up/down previous/next month
ctrl+page up/down previous/next year
ctrl+home current month or open when closed
ctrl+left/right previous/next day
ctrl+up/down previous/next week
enter select the focused day
ctrl+end close and erase the date
escape close the calendar without selection

Known Issues

Additional Resources

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