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The ICEmobile Wiki is currently under construction. It is being revamped to better reflect new content in the open source project.

Welcome to the ICEmobile wiki. ICEmobile is an open source Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) targeted at development of hybrid mobile applications using pure web-based techniques.


With ICEmobile you can build enterprise-grade mobile applications using standard Java EE technologies, tools, and development methodologies. Key features of the platform include:

  • Mobile Look and Feel: Web applications developed with ICEmobile look and feel like native mobile applications. Central to ICEmobile is automated device detection and theming, so applications automatically adapt their look and feel to match the devices they are being accessed from. ICEmobile provides suites of web controls for both JSF and JSP that inherit the automated theming, so you can easily create your mobile application pages using standard Java EE presentation layer technologies.
  • Cross-platform Development: With ICEmobile you develop a single web application that can be accessed seamlessly across a wide spectrum of mobile devices, eliminating the need to develop different native applications for each mobile platform you intend to support. ICEmobile provides device-specific styling and native containers for the following mobile platforms:
    • Apple iOS
    • Google Android
    • RIM Blackberry
  • HTML5/CSS3: Mobile devices largely support new web standards like HTML5 and CSS3, and ICEmobile leverages these technologies in the provided web controls and theming. Because HTML5 support is not consistent across all platform vintages, automated device detection enables ICEmobile web controls to tailor their use of HTMT5 based on the actual capabilities of the device.
  • Native Containers: Many capabilities of mobile devices, such as the camera, are not yet supported through standard browser capabilities and HTML5. ICEmobile supports key native device capabilities through native [device containers], and exposes those capabilities to the web application through the ICEmobile web controls. This means that you can build hybrid mobile applications using pure web-based techniques. Whether it be taking photos, shooting video, or capturing audio, native containers provide seamless access from your Java EE application code.
  • Mobile Push: ICEpush, which is a revolutionary technology that enables real-time, web-based collaboration, is fully integrated with ICEmobile. ICEpush has been augmented with mobile-specific capabilities.
    • Adaptive connection management ensures Ajax Push continues to function reliably and efficiently within a mobile network, under dynamically changing conditions.
    • Cloud Push notification ensures critical user notifications can be delivered to the device even when the application is not actively being used, or connectivity has been disrupted.
  • Enterprise Java Standards: ICEmobile is based on enterprise-proven Java EE standards, and as such inherits key reliability and security features of industry-recognized Enterprise Java Platforms. Various web presentation technologies can be used with ICEmobile, including:
    • JSF: JSF support is provide by the ICEfaces 3 core framework. ICEmobile inherits all the key features of ICEfaces 3, including Automatic Ajax and Ajax Push. The [ICEmobile Component Suite] provides all of the web controls you need to build your JSF-based hybrid mobile applications.
    • JSP: ICEmobile provides a JSP tag library that expose the ICEmobile feature set. The tag library can be used in conjunction with industry-recognized presentation layer technology like Spring MVC to deliver JSP-based hybrid mobile applications.

Release Notes

ICEmobile 1.1
ICEmobile 1.0

Integrated Technologies


JSP/Spring MVC

JSP/Spring MVC documentation is still under construction.

[ICEmobile Containers]

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