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ACE components were originally intended for a desktop environment. Certain desktop UI interactions map consistently to UI interactions on mobile devices. Other desktop interactions either don't have any correspondence in the mobile environment, or don't have agreed-upon corresponding interactions among mobile platforms, OS's, browsers or apps. Below are some examples:

right click
commonly touch and hold, but context menu usually "hijacked" by some other menu or functionality
mouseover & mouseout
no such thing as fingerover or fingerout
ctrl-click & shift-click
generally no such thing; some device or app. may provide extra key to do ctrl/shift-tap
drag & drop
mousedown, mousemove, mouseup map consistently to touchstart, touchmove and touchend

Mobile Device Support

On mobile devices, currently ACE components should support UI interactions that have consistent mapping to UI interactions on a desktop. From the above table, for example, click and drag & drop should be supported.

There are certain things you have to particularly watch out for when interacting on a mobile device:

  • Drag should happen ASAP after touch, or event might become a touch and hold.
  • When dragging table column headers, touch should be on blank space, not the header text.
  • When dragging in slider, make sure focus is on the knob (normally color changes as controlled by CSS), not the whole slider.
  • On Samsung device, the touch on a resizable has to be a little more "off" the resize handle than on iPhone and iPad.

Components Having Mobile Device Support

Component Touch Interfaces Supported
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