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This component will make use of the <html5> video tag and the JSF properties listed below.

  1. To use this component, first the mobility tag-lib namespace has to be added in your page:-
    <html ... xmlns:mobi="">

For the proper theming and markup based upon device, include the


markup in the head of your template or facelet page. (this is currently necessary for blackberry not just for styling with this component).

  • Static source
<mobi:videoPlayer id="videoFile" value="#{videoBean.pathToFile}" controls="true"
   preload="auto" />
  • byte array loaded in session scope
<mobi:videoPlayer id="videoFile" value="#{videoBean.pathToFile}"
   preload="auto" contentType="#{videoBean.contentType}" scope="session"/>
TagLib Documentation
This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available here.


This section covers the attributes currently available for the mobi video component. Although jsf is used to value bind the resource and possibly register it, the behaviour and rendering options are predominately html5 attributes for the html5 video tag.

value the current value of the component. Must be an object which the component will then deal with accordingly. If a byte[], then the component will create an ICEOutputResource of the data and register it in the specified "session" attribute. If a src file (url), then this is rendered as a string location to the application.

linklabel indicates a link will be rendered with whatever String is used with this attribute rendered as the link to the resource.

session if the value is a byte array, then the resource that is created may be stored in session or application scope (at this time). default is session.

controls if true then the video controls will be displayed

autoplay if true then the video clip will play as soon as the page is loaded. Not necessarily a good thing if more than one clip is available on the same page.

preload auto, metadata or none. If "auto", then the browser will try to load the entire clip when the page is loaded. If "meta" it will just try to load the metadata.

type content or mimetype of the audio clip.

scope scope of object to place resource into in jsf resource registry

name name of resource object to be placed in resource registry

library name of jsf library for resource object placed in registry

height height of the video player shown in browser

width width of video player shown in browser

playsinline if true, then allows webkit supported browsers to play back the video inline.

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