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The purpose of this guide is to provide information regarding changes made in ICEfaces 4 that may impact the behaviour of existing ICEfaces 3 applications, or may represent changes to previously established best-practices for ICEfaces application development.

ICE (Compat) Component Alternatives

The legacy ICEfaces ICE (Compat) Components are not supported in ICEfaces 4. Existing applications will need to replace the "ice:" component references with suitable ACE or MOBI alternatives.

See the ICE to ACE Component Migration Guide topic for more information.

SingleSubmit Alternatives

The "icecore:singleSubmit" tag and related "singleSubmit" attributes on various ACE and MOBI components have been removed in ICEfaces 4 in favour of the more JSF-compliant "ace:ajax" tag mechanism for triggering ajax submits with partial page processing and or rendering.

The ace:ajax tag must be used in conjunction with ACE and MOBI components, and the f:ajax tag must be used with any JSF standard "h:" components. It is possible and safe to wrap a form or set of components on the page with both an f:ajax and ace:ajax tag if you are using mixed "h:" and "ace:" or "mobi:" components.

The ace:ajax tag provides a large set of configurability in terms of the scope of execution and rendering for ajax submits, as well as which client-events should trigger the submits, and a mechanism for intercepting the submit with a custom client-side JavaScript callback, checking the submit status, etc. See the ace:ajax Wiki topic for more information on how best XXX

The "icecore:singleSubmit" tag may be replaced with the equivalent:
<ace:ajax execute="@this" "render="@all"/>
Nesting within a Single Component
 <ace:sliderEntry id="widthEntry"
                                clickableRail = "true"
                           <ace:ajax event="slideEnd" execute="@this" render="@all" listener="#{chartBarBean.updateChart}"/>
Wrapping a Form or Multiple Components

The ace:ajax and/or f:ajax tags can be used in place of the old icecore:singleSubmit tag.

mandatoryResourceConfiguration No Longer Required

The use of mandatoryResourceConfiguration for dynamically added components is no longer necessary, so long as "org.icefaces.generateHeadUpdate='true'" (default). Note that it may still be desirable to specify mandatoryResource for certain components in order to force their resources to be loaded at page-load time instead of dynamically when they are first rendered.

Referencing ACE Component Client Objects (widgetVar)

The "widgetVar" attribute on the ACE components has been removed in ICEfaces 4 and in its place a new "ice.ace.instance()" client JavaScript object lookup API has been introduced. The reason for this change is to enable lazy-initialization of the ACE component JavaScript objects to improve runtime performance and reduce browser memory use.

widget = ice.ace.instance('frm:myDialog');

To illustrate this change, see the before and after code example below.

Before (ICEfaces 3 API)
<h:commandButton id="show" value="Show Dialog" onclick=";" type="button"/>

<ace:dialog id="myDialog"
            header="A sample dialog overview example"
After (ICEfaces 4 API)
<h:commandButton id="show" value="Show Dialog" onclick="ice.ace.instance('myDialog').show();" type="button"/>
<ace:dialog id="myDialog"
            header="A sample dialog overview example"

Notable Behavior Changes

ACE Component Default Event Changes


ace:dateTimeEntry Locale

The mechanism used to set the locale in the ace:dateTimeEntry component has changed in 4.0. In previous releases the ace:dateTimeEntry -component's localization was set via JavaScript:

ice.ace.locales['fi'] = {
         closeText: 'Sulje',

Starting with 4.0, the locale is now set via a value-binding to the new "locale" attribute on the ace:dateTimeEntry component.

A demonstration of the required technique is available in the ICEfaces 4 Showcase sample application, under ace:dateTimeEntry->Locale.

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