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The ICEfaces Mobile (MOBI) Components are JSF components that are specifically designed to support development of rich ICEfaces web-applications targeted for deployment to mobile platforms. The MOBI components can be used in conjunction with many of the ACE components to provide a complete development solution for hybrid mobile/desktop web applications. The MOBI container components leverage adaptive-layout techniques to automatically adjust the layout and view provided to the browser depending on the device/platform being rendered to. In addition, MOBI components provide access to native device input controls for specialized data types, such as date/time entry.

The MOBI Native components leverage the BridgeIt utility app. on supported mobile platforms to provide access to native device features such as Cameras, Contacts, Bar-code scanning, and location tracking.

A range of specialized components are available including:

Layout and Navigation Controls for page layout, navigation, and theming
Input and Selection Controls for handling user input
Media Controls for presenting audio, video and images
Native Controls for accessing device capabilities like camera, camcorder, and microphone

Key features of the MOBI Components include:

  • Automatic platform detection and adaptation.
  • Optional access to native device input controls.
  • Rapid development of native/web hybrid applications that extend beyond the browser, without the hassles associated with deploying native apps. to platform holders app. stores or certifying a native app. on a multitude of mobile devices, etc.
  • Lightweight resource footprint and a high-degree of user-responsiveness on mobile devices.

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