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h2. Introduction

Cloud Push is an extended push notification mechanism that provides asynchronous notifications to users when they are offline from the originating ICEfaces web-application.

Once a user registers for Cloud Push notifications in the web-application they can receive notifications in one of the supported formats when the web-application detects that they are no longer on-line in the web-application itself. This is determined to be the case anytime the web-application does not have an active push connection to the user's browser, either due to the user closing the browser, navigating away from the web-application, or even navigating to a new page within the web-application that does not have push enabled.

When a user receives a Cloud Push notification message, they can simple click on the notification itself, or an embedded URL within the message to automatically open their browser to the originating web-application page, where the updated status will be displayed for them to review via normal ICEfaces web-application rendering.

h2. Cloud Push Notification Providers

Cloud Push uses a notification provider architecture to support a variety of notification mechanisms. In order to support a particular notification type, its corresponding provider must be configured in the web-application.

The following providers are supported by the ICEfaces ICEpush library:

* Email Notification Provider - Supports notifications via email messages.

[ICEfaces EE|] extends the standard ICEfaces Email provider with the additional providers:
*Native Mobile Platform Notification Providers* - Supports notifications via Android, iOS, and Windows Phone native device notifications.
* Apple APNS - Sends native iOS notifications via the [Apple Push Notification Service|].
* Google GCM - Sends native Android notifications via [Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)|].
* Microsoft WNS - Sends native Windows notifications via [Windows Push Notification Services|].

The native notification providers work in conjunction with the [BridgeIt|] app. on mobile devices to deliver cloud-based notifications.

*SMS Notification Providers* - Supports notifications via SMS text messages.
* Amazon SNS - Sends SMS messages via the [Amazon SNS|] (Simple Notification Service) cloud-based SMS gateway.
* Twilio SMS - Sends SMS messages via the [Twilio|] cloud-based SMS gateway.

The SMS providers require a valid user account on the SMS gateway service to be used.