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h1. ICEpdf 6.2.5 Release Notes

*{_}July 24th, 2017{_}*
h3. Contents

This document includes the following sections:

* [About This Release|#about]
* [Notable Changes and Enhancements|#notablechanges]
* [Known Issues|#knownissues]
* [Migration Notes|#migrationnotes]
* [Support|#support]


h3. About This Release

ICEpdf 6.2.5 is a certified maintenance release including several fixed reported by supported customers. Notable fixes to blurred image reference, AES encryption key length, annotation manipulation, as well as several new features and enhancements.


h3. Notable Changes and Enhancements

* *Rendering Core*
** Corrected an issue where some page resources could not be correctly loaded.
** Added fallback to scaled image reference when blurred image reference is not applicable.
** Added support for predictor decode values for none image based streams.
** Fixed an issue were a text field content may not render if the specified font was garbage collected.
** Corrected an issue which could prevent some text field colour data from being applied.
** Fixed a content parsing bug when an array is split across two content stream.
** Correct an AES encryption regression introduced in 6.1 in which some users needed to include the Bouncy Castle Jars in order to decrypt a PDF file correctly.
** Increased the size of the max file descriptor to 512 and is also no configurable with the system property -Dorg.icepdf.core.nfont.maxFileDescriptor=512.
** Added new constants to our blending mode support to avoid memory exceptions when a normal blending mode is used.
** Further tweaks to detecting and correctly invalid dash formats that can cause the JVM to crash.

* *Viewer RI*
** Corrected an issue where the marquee zoom tool would sometimes zoom in or the wrong coordinates.
** Fixed a usability issue with the Acroform TextArea component mouse event mapping at zoom levels other then 100%.
** Certificate summary information now displays the certificate subject instead of issuer as the signed by value.
** Fixed a coordinate issue scaling issue when manipulating some ink, circle and square annotations types.

For a complete list of all changes in this release, see the related JIRA [Change Log|].


h3. Known Issues

The following section describes the most commonly encountered known issues with this release. For a complete reference of all outstanding issues please refer to the JIRA issue tracker.
* Choice Button may persist in thew viewer even after focus is lost but data will be written as expected on OSX.
* Language support for none English languages is limited to the main Viewer controls and may be incomplete for the Utility pane or popup dialogs.

h3. Migration Notes

h4. 6.1 to 6.2 Migration Notes
*API Behavior Changes*
- Page initialization related calls to the Document and Page classes now throw InterruptedException. This is a major API change but it does insure that a Page initialization thread can be interrupted and the calling application can catch the exception as it bubbles up. The Viewer RI and examples have been updated appropriately and we hope this change will have a minimal impact on our users and overall will be a value add for clients in multiple thread environments.

*Viewer RI*
- The Viewer RI contains a new font properties dialog which is available via the file menu. This dialog shows the font properties of all fonts found in the document and can also be used to reset the font manager font cache.
- A new utility pane tab is now enable for files that contain file attachments. The file attachment view allows PDF documents to be opened with a double click and it is also possible to save any attached file with the "Save As..." context menu.
- A new example has been provided for integrating the Swing Viewer application in a JavaFX application.

h4. 5.x to 6.x Migration Notes

*API Behavior Changes*
* In memory file loading is now the default behavior for files under 200 MB. The system property org.icepdf.core.filecache.enabled=false to override this behavior.
* API access is now possible for a Page's Shapes.

*Viewer RI*
* The Viewer RI has been updated with new annotation components to represent each form field type. Manipulating this components will change the underling data model for the respective field type.
* A new interactive form toolbar has been added the main tool bar. The interactive form toolbar currently only contains one button to control form field highlight visibility. The toolbar can be hidden using the PropertiesManager and the property

h4. 4.x to 5.x Migration Notes

*API Packaging Changes*
* The memory manager has been updated and it is no longer required to lock a Page object when accessing it through the PageTree API.
* PagePainter object is no long passed into a call to Page.paint() method. If long running Page paint method needs to be interrupted then a call to page.requestInterrupt() should be made.
* The use of Hashtable in the Dictionary class has been replaced with HashMap object.

*System Properties*
* Image scaling is now off by default and there two new scaling options, more information can be referenced found here, [imaging options|]
* Many system properties have been removed as they are no longer needed or irrelevant. Please review [System Properties|] for a complete list of supported system properties.

*Viewer RI*
* The Viewer RI has been updated to support annotation editing tools, for more information on these see [Working with Annotations |].
* Layer support has been added to the Viewer RI utility pane, for more information see [User Layers |].

h4. 3.x to 4.x Migration Notes

The following changes may affect applications that were originally developed with a previous version of ICEpdf.
ICEpdf Core API
* When extracting text using the org.icepdf.core.pobjects.Page Object the method not longer turns a Vector of Strings. Instead it now returns the data structure See class document and the example _install_dir_/icepdf/examples/extraction/ for correct usage.

h4. 2.x to 4.x Migration Notes

The following changes may affect applications that were originally developed with a previous version of ICEpdf.

*ICEpdf Jar File Changes*
* The ICEpdf jar file names have been updated to better indicate their respective usage.
* Please update your applications to reflect the new jar names.
** icepdf-core.jar - was icepdf.jar, contains core ICEpdf rendering classes.
** icepdf-viewer.jar - was ri_pdf.jar, contains viewer reference implementation.
** icepdf-pro.jar ^\*^ \- Professional font library available under commercial licensing.
** icepdf-pro-int.jar ^\*^ \- Professional font library CMap files, available under commercial licensing.
^\*^ Denotes JAR files that are only available in ICEpdf Pro commercial release.

*API Packaging Changes*
* ICEpdf 4.0 packaging has been updated to match the domain of the new community site [].
* Please update your applications to reflect the new base package name.
** Former package-name: com.icesoft.\*
** New package-name: org.icepdf.\*
* The ICEpdf API rendering core is now rooted at org.icepdf.core.*.
* The ICEpdf API viewer reference implementation is now rooted at org.icepdf.ri.*.

*System Properties*
* ICEpdf system properties have been changed to match the domain name of the community site [].
* Please update your applications use of ICEpdf system properties to reflect the new base package name.
** Former package-name: com.icesoft.\*
** New package-name: org.icepdf.\*

*JDK 1.5\+ Now Required*
* ICEpdf source code has been updated to the JDK 1.5 Java language specification to take advantage of numerous features and improvements to the Java programming language. As a result, ICEpdf v4.0 is not deployable to Java JRE versions older than 1.5.
* Older versions of the Java JDK and JRE have been added to Sun's end of life and are no longer publicly supported.
** JDK 1.3.1 reached the end of its service life (EOSL), December 11th, 2006.
** JDK 1.4.2 reached the end of its service life (EOSL), October 11th, 2008.
* For more information on Java Platform Migration please see [].

*Logging System*
* ICEpdf 4.0 now uses Java logging API for all logging tasks.
* A sample file is included in the directory .../install_dir/icepdf/lib/.
* The custom logging properties file can be specified with the following system property:
** \
* Further information on java.util.logging can be found at [].



h3. Support

Please visit the [|] community site for additional information, demos, and resources.

All questions, comments, or general discussion specific to ICEpdf 5.0 should be made in the [ICEpdf Forum|] forum.

For information on commercial support, professional services, and training, please visit [].