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h2. ICE Components
_Since 1.8-3.3_
{info}The ICE Components have been discontinued in favor of the newer [ACE|ACE Components] and [MOBI|MOBI Components] Components as of ICEfaces 4.0.
See the [ICEfaces 3-to-4 Migration Guide|ICEfaces 3 to 4 Migration Guide] for more information.{info}

The ICE Components (ICEfaces Components) are based on the original ICEfaces Component Suite in ICEfaces 1.x. The components have been updated to support JSF 2 and more recent versions of ICEfaces. The ICE Components are a complete set of mature JSF components that have benefited from thousands of successful project deployments since their inception.

The ICE components are primarily implemented using traditional JSF server-side rendering techniques with limited JavaScript. When combined with ICEfaces automatic-Ajax technology, the ICE Components exhibit extensive partial-page-rendering, providing a rich, dynamic user-experience, even on older legacy browsers.

The ICE Components are recommended under the following circumstances:

* Legacy Browser Support. The ICE Components are ideally suited for projects that are required to support older legacy browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6 / 7. These browsers have significantly less efficient JavaScript processing engines, effectively preventing them from supporting most contemporary JavaScript libraries. The ICE Components can provide good performance on older browsers due to their reliance on predominantly server-side rendering and processing techniques.

* Application Migration. The ICE Components are tag-compatible with the ICEfaces 1.x Component Suite. This greatly simplifies the migration of ICEfaces 1.x applications to more recent versions of ICEfaces. See the [ICEfaces 1.x Compatibility Features of ICEfaces 3] section for more information on porting an existing ICEfaces 1.x application to the current version of ICEfaces.

* Specialized Applications. Some projects with specific accessibility or security requirements may be required to minimize client-side JavaScript rendering and data-processing. In these cases, the ICE Components may be better suited to meet those requirements.

It is also possible to mix both ICE and ACE components as needed in the same ICEfaces application, or even in the same page (with some limitations).


h3. ICE Wiki Topics

h3. ICE API Documentation

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