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h3. Setup


Each tutorial's online wiki page has a .zip file download of its source code that contains a README.html file which describes how to load the tutorial into your IDE, compile it, and deploy it to your application server of choice.

As well, the very latest version of all of the tutorials is available via [svn checkout|], with the README.html available at the root of the _tutorials_ folder.

If using maven to build a tutorial, either manually or via your IDE, then only that tutorial's files are needed (from the .zip file or svn checkout).

If using ant, then ICEfaces will be required to build most of the tutorials. Either the bin download bundle, a built src download bundle, or a built svn checkout of icefaces. A complete svn checkout of icefaces will include all of the tutorials along with ICEfaces. The easiest setup for building a tutorial with ant is to have the specific tutorial folder within the _icefaces/tutorials_ folder, so that you won't need to edit the _common.xml_ file to point to the _icefaces_ folder.

h3. Tutorials