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h2. Overview
_Since 3.1_

You can use the _icecore:navigationNotifier_ component to receive notifications if the page shown in the browser was rendered as a result of a browser navigation by using 'Back' or 'Forward' browser history buttons.

{tip}See the ICEfaces Showcase [Live Demo|] of this component, complete with source code.{tip}

h2. Getting Started

To use the _icecore:navigationNotifier_ tag, first declare the core namespace:

<html ... xmlns:icecore="">

Then add the desired tag to your page markup:

<h:form id="form1">
<icecore:navigationNotifier action="#{....}"/>

h2. Attributes
{tip:title=TagLib Documentation}This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available [here|].{tip}
*action* Use this attribute to reference a bean method. The method is invoked when 'back' or 'forward' browser button is used.

h2. Known Issues

* As of ICEfaces 4.0, the icecore:navigationNotifier requires HTML5-compliant browser support and *IS NOT supported on IE8 or IE9* browsers. Previous releases (e.g. 3.3) do support the older IE browsers as they were based on a different implementation.