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h2. Overview

_TextEntry_ is a component for entering single line text. It has additional styling and functional feature.

h2. Getting Started
{code:xml|borderStyle=dashed}<ace:textEntry id="firstNameInput" value="#{textEntryBean.firstName}" label="First Name" labelPosition="left" required="true" requiredIndicator="(*)" indicatorPosition="right"/>
h2. Attributes

{tip:title=TagLib Documentation}This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available [here|].{tip}{panel}
*value* is the input text.
*label* and *labelPosition* specify the label text and its position relative to the input field. Positions can be "left/right/top/bottom/inField/none". Default is "none".
*required* indicates whether the user is required to provide a non-empty submitted value for this component. Default = "false".
Depending on whether input is required, an *optionalIndicator* or *requiredIndicator* can be supplied. The position of the indicator is specified by *indicatorPosition*. Positions can be "left/right/top/bottom/labelLeft/labelRight/none". Default is "labelRight" if labelPosition is "inField", "right" otherwise.
h2. Event Listeners

| valueChangeListener | Listener method that will be notified when a new value has been set for this input component. |

h2. Client Behavior Events

| blur | Fired when the text input field loses focus (default event). |

h2. JavaScript API

The client side text entry object is exposed through the global variable named by the *widgetVar* attribute, but currently there is no API useful to the user.

h2. Keyboard Support

These keyboard shortcuts work only in a popup calendar without the time component. Some of them may conflict with browser keyboard shortcuts.
|| Keypress || Result ||
| page up/down | previous/next month |
| ctrl+page up/down | previous/next year |
| ctrl+home | current month or open when closed |
| ctrl+left/right | previous/next day |
| ctrl+up/down | previous/next week |
| enter | select the focused day |
| ctrl+end | close and erase the date |
| escape | close the calendar without selection |

h2. Known Issues

h2. Additional Resources