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h3. contentStack

The contentStack component manages a stack of contentPane's. The attribute "currentId" determines which of the panes in the stack is currently visible. All other non-selected contentPane's are hidden from view. The individual contentPane will determine it's own caching and scalability optimization.

{note} It's very important to understand the strategies associated with the contentPane and it's parent layout components. A new client api is to be added in 1.4.
Please see contentPane component wiki page.

h3. Usage

* Simple usage:\- each contentPane determines how it's content is handled. The contentStack just cares about which one is the currently selected pane.

<mobi:contentStack id="stackOne" currentId="#{bean.selectedId}">
<mobi:contentPane id="pane1" client="true">
<h:panelGroup id="staticHomePane">
<!-- static menu links -->
<ui:include src="includes/menu.xhtml"/>
<mobi:contentPane id="pane2">
<h:graphicImage value="#{item.imageUrl}"
<span style="#{}">#{item.title}</span>
<mobi:contentPane id="pane3" facelet="true">
<!-- large dataTable rarely used -->
<ui:include src="includes/table.xhtml"/>
* The exact same arrangement of contentPane's may be used as children for a tabSet or accordion component.

h4. Nested Forms (as of 1.3.1)

The contentStack supports nesting forms inside the contentPanes. Please use a <mobi:contentStackFormProxy> for nested forms.

h3. Component Documentation
[contentStackFormProxy (as of 1.3.1)|]