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h3. tabSet

The tabSet component manages a stack of contentPane's using tabControls. The attribute "currentId" determines which of the panes in the stack is currently visible. All other non-selected contentPane's are hidden from view. The individual contentPane will determine it's own caching and scalability optimization.

{note} It's very important to understand the strategies associated with the contentPane and it's parent layout components.
Please see contentPane component wiki page.

h3. Usage

* Simple usage:\- each contentPane determines how its content is handled. The tabSet just cares about which one is the currently selected pane and styles as per tabSet theme.

<mobi:tabSet id="stackOne" currentId="#{bean.selectedId}">
<mobi:contentPane id="pane1" client="true">
<h:panelGroup id="staticHomePane">
<!-- static menu links -->
<ui:include src="includes/menu.xhtml"/>
<mobi:contentPane id="pane2">
<h:graphicImage value="#{item.imageUrl}"
<span style="#{}">#{item.title}</span>
<mobi:contentPane id="pane3" facelet="true">
<!-- large dataTable rarely used -->
<ui:include src="includes/table.xhtml"/>
* The exact same arrangement of contentPanes may be used as children for a tabSet or accordion component.

New attribute "fixedPosition" when true, means that the tabset headers will fix themselves to the top of the pag when orientation is true and appear directly below the pagePanel if present. If orientation is false, the tabset Headers will affix themselves to the very bottom of the page or directly above the pagePanel footer, if present. When fixedPosition is false, they will appear at the beginning or end of the rendered div for tabSet.

h3. Component Documentation