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h1. ICEmobile

Welcome to the ICEmobile wiki. ICEmobile is an open source Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) targeted at development of hybrid mobile applications using pure web-based techniques. Check out all the [ICEmobile Features].
h2. [Release Notes|Release Notes]

[ICEmobile 1.1| ICEmobile 1.1 - Release Notes]
[ICEmobile 1.0|ICEmobile-Faces 1.0 Release Notes]
h2. Presentation Layer Technologies
The following Java EE presentation layer technologies are currently integrated with ICEmobile:
h4. [JSF/ICEfaces|JSF-ICEfaces Integration]
h4. [JSP/Spring MVC|JSP-Spring MVC Integration]
h2. [ICEmobile Containers]
The [ICEmobile Containers] provide native device integration that deliver hybrid mobile capabilities using pure web-based techniques. This means that you can take your web applications beyond the natural boundaries of HTML5 and stock mobile browsers.
h2. [Tutorials]
The [ICEmobile Tutorials|Tutorials] provide basic working examples of many of the ICEmobile features.