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h1. Overview

A collection of JSP tags that provide appropriate UI controls for mobile applications. The library includes:

* *Layout and Navigation Controls* for page layout, navigation, and theming
* *Input and Selection Controls* for handling user input
* *Media Controls* for presenting audio, video and images
* *Native Controls* for accessing device capabilities like camera,
camcorder, and microphone
h5. MOBI Components Documentation

* [MOBI Components TLD|]
* [MOBI Components JavaDoc|]


h1. Tags

h5. Layout and Navigation

* [Accordion Tag]
* [Carousel Tag]
* [Device Themes|DeviceResource]
* [Fieldset Tag]
* [LargeView Tag]
* [Lists Tag]
* [PagePanel Tag]
* [Panel Popup Tag]
* [SmallView Tag]
* [SplitPane Tag]
* [TabSet Tag]

h5. Input and Selection

* [Buttons|Command Button Tag]
* [Menu Button Tag]
* [DateSpinner Tag]
* [FlipSwitch Tag]
* [Geolocation Tag]
* [HTML5 Input|InputText Tag]
* [TimeSpinner Tag]
* [PanelConfirmation Tag]
* [SubmitNotification Tag]
h5. Native

* [AugmentedReality Tag]
* [Camcorder Tag]
* [Camera Tag]
* [FetchContact Tag]
* [Microphone Tag]
* [Thumbnail Tag]
* [QR Code Scanner Tag]
h5. Other
* [GetEnhanced Tag]
* [GoogleAnalytics Tag]
* [Video Player Tag]
* [Audio Player Tag]

h1. Examples

The following examples are available with this distribution, providing high-level demonstrations as well as documentation and instructions on usage. An ant target is available which builds a war to be deployed to any servlet-3.0 api application server. A servlet-profile target is available for containers like tomcat-7 (which contains servlet-3.0) and web-profile is available for glassfish3.1, jboss7, etc.

Samples included in the distribution bundle are:

h3. ICEmobile JSP and Spring MVC Showcase

Shows the various tags available in the ICEmobile JSP Tag Library.

{info:title=Example}[ICEmobile JSP and Spring MVC Showcase|]{info}