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h1. Overview

A collection of JSF components that provide appropriate UI controls for mobile applications. The suite includes:

* *Layout and Navigation Controls* for page layout, navigation, and theming
* *Input and Selection Controls* for handling user input
* *Media Controls* for presenting audio, video and images
* *Native Controls* for accessing device capabilities like camera,
camcorder, and microphone
h5. MOBI Components Documentation

* [MOBI Components TLD|]
* [MOBI Components JavaDoc|]


h1. Components

h5. Layout and Navigation

* [Accordion]
* [Carousel]
* [ContentPane]
* [ContentStack]
* [Device Themes|Device Stylesheet]
* [Fieldset]
* [Lists]
* [PagePanel]
* [Panel Confirmation]
* [Panel Popup]
* [Submit Notification]
* [TabSet]
* [ViewSelector]

h5. Input and Selection

* [Buttons|CommandButton]
* [DateSpinner]
* [Flip Switch]
* [Geolocation]
* [HTML5 Input|InputText Component]
* [MenuButton]
* [QR Code Generator]
* [TimeSpinner]
h5. Media

* [Audio Player]
* [Image|GraphicImage]
* [Video|Video Player]
h5. Native

* [AugmentedReality]
* [Camcorder]
* [Camera]
* [Microphone]
* [Thumbnail]
* [QR Code Scanner]
* [ICEmobileSX Surf Expander]

h1. Examples

The following examples are available with this distribution, providing high-level demonstrations as well as documentation and instructions on usage. An ant target is available which builds a war to be deployed to any servlet-3.0 api application server. A servlet-profile target is available for containers like tomcat-7 (which contains servlet-3.0) and web-profile is available for glassfish3.1, jboss7, etc.

Samples included in the distribution bundle are:

h3. ICEmobile Showcase

Shows the various components and themes available in the ICEmobile-Faces Component Suite. Each component includes an example of usage and documentation, as well as markup and backing bean resources.

{info:title=Example}[ICEmobile Showcase|]{info}

If you download a Device Container from one of the mobile applications stores, it will automatically launch the showcase for you.

h4. MediaCast

Shows device capability integration across device types. Photos, videos, and audio can be captured on a client device and shared on a public media carousel.

{info:title=Example}[ICEmobile MediaCast|]{info}