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h4. Searching for Text

If a PDF file contains text, you can search for text strings within it using the Search function.

The Search function is displayed on a tab in the utility pane on the left side of the Viewer. However, it is not displayed if the Utility Pane is hidden. In this case, select {*}Document > Search{*} or click the Search Document button to open the Search tab.


To search for a text string, type it in the {*}Search Text{*} field and click {*}Search{*}. The results are displayed in the Results field, indicating how many hits were found on each page of the document. You can then click on an entry in the Result field to go directly to that page.

Searches can be further customized by selecting one or more of the following search properties:

|*Property* | *Description* |
|Case-sensitive | If enabled, searches will match text case. |
|Whole words only | If enabled search results will not include sub-string matches within a word |
|Cumulative | If enabled previous text search terms will not be cleared from the results list or cleared of text highlighting. |
|Show Pages | If enabled will the results pane will group search results by page number. |
|Regex | If enabled seach text will accept regular expression syntax. |