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h3. Overview

The ICEfaces Mobile (MOBI) Components are JSF components that are specifically designed to support development of rich ICEfaces web-applications targeted for deployment to mobile platforms. The MOBI components can be used in conjunction with many of the ACE components to provide a complete development solution for hybrid mobile/desktop web applications. The MOBI container components leverage adaptive-layout techniques to automatically adjust the layout and view provided to the browser depending on the device/platform being rendered to. In addition, MOBI components provide access to native device input controls for specialized data types, such as date/time entry.

A range of specialized components are available including:
* Layout and Navigation Controls for page layout, navigation, and theming
* Input and Selection Controls for handling user input
* Controls for accessing device capabilities such as camera and microphone

Key features of the MOBI Components include:
* Automatic platform detection and adaptation.
* Optional access to native device input controls.
* Lightweight resource footprint and a high-degree of user-responsiveness on mobile devices.

h3. MOBI Wiki Topics

h3. MOBI API Documentation
* [MOBI Components TLD|]
* [NOBI Components JavaDoc|]