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h2. Overview
_Since 4.0_

The mobi:fieldSetGroup component contains mobi:fieldsetRow components, which in turn can contain any other components. These components are mainly used to present input components in a more presentable and usable way for touch devices.

h2. Getting Started

To use the FieldSet components, simply place the mobi:fieldsetRow tags inside the mobi:fieldsetGroup tag and add any other components inside the rows.

<mobi:fieldsetRow group="true">
<mobi:fieldsetRow >
<h:outputLabel for="firstName" value="First Name: " />
<h:inputText id="firstName" value="#{bean.firstName}" />
<mobi:fieldsetRow >
<h:outputLabel for="lastName" value="Last Name: " />
<h:inputText id="lastName" value="#{bean.lastName}" />

h2. Attributes

{tip:title=TagLib Documentation}This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available [here|].{tip}

When the *group* attribute is true, the mobi:fieldSetRow will be rendered in a header style.

h2. Event Listeners


h2. Client Behavior Events


h2. JavaScript API


h2. Keyboard Support


h2. Known Issues


h2. Additional Resources

h4. Sample Applications

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* *[ICEfaces Mobile Showcase|]*

h4. Tutorials

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