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h2. Overview
_Since 4.0_

The ace:qrcode component is used to generate and display a QR code graphic from a given message string.

{tip}See the ICEfaces Showcase [Live Demo|] of this component, complete with source code.{tip}

h2. Getting Started

To use the QRCode component simply specify a string message as the value of the component.

<ace:qrcode value="#{bean.message}"/>

h2. Attributes

{tip:title=TagLib Documentation}This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available [here|].{tip}

The *style* and *styleClass* attributes work just as in other components, and they are applied to the {{<img>}} element.

h2. Event Listeners


h2. Client Behavior Events


h2. JavaScript API

Not applicable.

h2. Keyboard Support


h2. CSS Classes

The following markup represents the basic HTML structure of the component and the CSS classes it uses.

<img class="[user defined classes]" style="[user defined styles]" />

h2. Known Issues


h2. Additional Resources

h4. Sample Applications

This component appears in the following ICEfaces sample applications:

*ICEfaces Showcase*

h4. Tutorials

This component appears in the following ICEfaces tutorials: