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h2. Overview
Provides a more intuitive approach to modifying the controls that appear on the map. Using this, users can specify which controls render, as well as the location of those controls that do appear.

{tip}See the ICEfaces Showcase [Live Demo|] of this component, complete with source code.{tip}

h2. Getting Started
<ace:gMap id="gMap" style="width: 675px; height: 500px">
<ace:gMapControl name="zoom" position="${gMapControlBean.zoomLocation}" controlStyle="${gMapControlBean.zoomStyle}"/>

h2. Attributes
{tip:title=TagLib Documentation}

This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available [here|].

The *name* of the control to affect. Valid entries are: 'all', 'type', 'overview', 'pan', 'rotate', 'scale', 'streetView' and 'zoom'.
*position* The location for the chosen control to display. Valid entries are 'bottomCenter', 'bottomLeft', 'bottomRight', 'leftBottom', 'leftCenter', 'leftTop', 'rightBottom', 'rightCenter', 'rightTop', 'topCenter', 'topLeft' and 'topRight'.