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h2. ICEpdf Bundle Contents

ICEpdf comes in two different flavours: ICEpdf Open Source (OS) and ICEpdf Professional (Pro). ICEpdf OS is licensed under [Apache 2.0|] and ICEpdf Pro is licensed under [ ICEpdf Pro Licensing Terms and Conditions |]. Downloading of the two variants is summaries below:

h3. ICEpdf OS

ICEpdf OS library can be downloaded from ICEsoft public SVN server [] and built from source using the provided Maven or Gradle build scripts. Build instructions can be found at [].

ICEpdf OS library *UP TO VERSION 6.3.0 ONLY* is available from the maven central repository.

{code:title=Maven Dependencies}
// or

{code:title=Gradle Dependencies}
compile group: 'org.icepdf.os', name: 'icepdf-core', version: '6.3.0'
// or
compile group: 'org.icepdf.os', name: 'icepdf-viewer', version: '6.3.0'

h3. ICEpdf PRO
ICEPdf Pro production bundles can be downloaded from [] for supported customers. A trial version is also available for customers wishing to evaluate the product.

h4. Bundle Layout
| dependencies | dependencies summary for library |
| libs | All ICEpdf and dependency jars |
| libs-source | ICEpdf source jars. |
| licenses | Associated licence files. |
| maven2| Maven pom.xml descriptors for ICEpdf jars. |

h4. Jar Description

| bcpkix-jdk15on-1.57.jar | Bouncy Castle jar used for signature validation. |
| bcprov-ext-jdk15on-1.57.jar | Bouncy Castle jar used for signature validation. |
| bcprov-jdk15on-1.57.jar | Bouncy Castle jar used for signature validation. |
| icepdf-core-x.x.x.jar | ICEpdf core rendering jar. |
| icepdf-viewer-x.x.x.jar | ICEpdf Viewer Reference Implementation. |
| icepdf-pro-x.x.x.jar | ICEPdf Pro font engine, content parser and write support. |
| icepdf-pro-intl-x.x.x.jar | ICEpdf Pro font engine cmap files (optional). |
| jbig2-imageio-3.0.0-r6.3 | Apache PDFbox Jbig2 imageio library. |
| common-image-3.4-r6.3.jar | Twelve Monkeys Image library. |
| common-io-3.4-r6.3.jar | Twelve Monkeys Image library. |
| common-lang-3.4-r6.3.jar | Twelve Monkeys Image library. |
| imageio-core-3.4-r6.3.jar | Twelve Monkeys Image library. |
| imageio-metadata-3.4-r6.3.jar | Twelve Monkeys Image library. |
| imageio-tiff-3.4-r6.3.jar | Twelve Monkeys Image library. |

h4. Maven Support
The commercial nature of the ICEpdf PRO jars prevents us from publishing the library to the Maven central repository. The {{*maven2*}} folder contains {{*pom.xml*}} for each of the Jar files contained in the bundle which can be used to publish the jars to a local or private repository.

h3. Examples

Examples for both ICEpdf Pro and ICEpdf OS can be viewed or download from []. Information on example usage cases can be found at [].