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h1. ICEfaces 2.0.0 Alpha 2 Release Notes

*_January 22nd, 2010_*

h3. About This Release

ICEfaces v2.0 Alpha 2 is an early developer milestone for the next-generation of ICEfaces, designed for JSF 2.0.

h3. Notable Changes and Improvements

* *New "Window" Scope*. This custom scope is designed to fill in a gap in the existing scopes available for JSF 2.0,
as it exists for the life of a browser window or tab including surviving reloads and refreshes. There is more information
in the Compatibility under [Scopes|Compatibility#scopes].
* *New Push Architecture*. The ICEfaces Ajax Push feature has been completely re-implemented using a all-new architecture for
improved performance and robustness.
* *New Client APIs*. New JavaScript APIs have been added for monitoring interesting events that occur on the client.
More details are available in the [JavaScript Client API] documentation.
* *ICEfaces 1.8.2 Component Suite Support*. This release provides virtually complete support for an ICEfaces 2.0-compatible version
of the ICEfaces 1.8.2 Component Suite. See the [Known Issues|#knownissues] and [Compatibility] sections for more information.
* *New Documentation*. [Documentation for ICEfaces 2.0|] is now exclusively available online in this ICEfaces Wiki.
* *Maven2 Support*. The download bundles include Maven2 .pom files for the ICEfaces libraries and associated ant configuration
files to support readily importing the ICEfaces 2.0 Alpha2 libraries into a local Maven2 repository.
* *JSF2 RI*. The included JSF 2 RI "Mojarra" version has been updated to v 2.0.2.
* *General Bug Fixes*. Lots of bugs squashed since Alpha 1.

For a complete list of all changes in this release, see the related JIRA [Change Log|].

h3. Known Issues

The following section describes the most commonly encountered known issues with this release:

h4. General
* JSPs are not supported by ICEfaces 2.0, use Facelets instead.
* Due to [a bug|] in the Sun Mojarra JSF 2 runtime library, navigation between ICEfaces and none-ICEfaces pages is not working in this release. It is anticipated that
the upcoming Mojarra JSF v2.0.3 release will correct this issue. See [ICE-5157|] for details.
* In some cases an NullPointerException may be logged against the org.icefaces.application.WindowScopeManager.
This runtime error can be safely ignored.

h4. 1.8.x Compatibility
* The ice:inputFile component in the ICEfaces 1.8.2 Component Suite is not functional in this release.
* The following ICEfaces 1.8.2 Component Suite components are deprecated for ICEfaces 2.0 and are not functional.
JSF 2.0 provides suitable replacements for these that should be used instead.
** ice:outputDeclaration (use Facelets standard approach instead)
** ice:outputBody (use h:body instead)
** ice:outputHead (use h:head instead)
** ice:outputHtml (use <HTML> tag instead)
* The "ice:form" component must be used (in place of "h:form") when using the "ice" components via the ICEfaces 1.8 Compatibility components. See [ICE-5090|] for details.
* Due to [a bug|] in the Sun Mojarra JSF 2 runtime library, component binding does not work when used within a View scope with the partial submit feature provided by the ICEfaces 1.8 compatibility library. See [ICE-5226|] for details.

h4. ICEpush

* Applications using the PushRender (or SessionRenderer in the compatibility library) may experience sporadic premature time-outs of related push groups, causing the push-updates to stop functioning. A page reload will correct the problem. See [ICE-227|] for details.

h4. Application Servers

* Glassfish 3
** When interacting with an ICEfaces 2 application on Glassfish 3, the warning below may be logged, with no impact on the application functionality:
{code}WARNING: PWC4011: Unable to set request character encoding to UTF-8 from context /basic, because request parameters have already been read, or ServletRequest.getReader() has already been called.{code}
** See [JIRA-5209|] for details.

* Tomcat 6.0
** Including icepush.jar causes exception when redeploying application on Tomcat6.0 on WinXP. See [ICE-5222|] for a configuration work-around.

h3. Support

Open source community support is available at

All questions, comments, or general discussions specific to ICEfaces 2.0 Alpha should be made in the ICEfaces [Development Build Feedback|] forum.