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h3. Starting the ICEpdf Viewer Application

The downloadable bundle includes a 'libs' folder that contains the following jars:

1. Ensure that JDK 1.8.0 or higher has been installed.

2. Add the relevant JAR files to the classpath. You need at least the following:

* {{{*}icepdf-core-x.x.x.jar{*}}}
* {{{*}icepdf-viewer-x.x.x.jar{*}}}
* {{{*}bcprov-jdk15on-x.x.x.jar{*}}}
* {{{*}cprov-ext-jdk15on-x.x.x.jar{*}}}
* {{{*}bcpkix-jdk15on-x.x.x.jar{*}}}

To enable enhanced CCITTFax support via Twelve Monkeys Image API
* {{{*}imageio-tiff-x.x.x.jar{*}}}
* {{{*}common-image-x.x.x.3.jar{*}}}
* {{{*}common-io--x.x.x.jar{*}}}
* {{{*}common-lang-x.x.x.jar{*}}}
* {{{*}imageio-core-x.x.x.jar{*}}}
* {{{*}imageio-metadata-x.x.x.jar{*}}}

To enable JBIG2 Image support
* {{{*}jbig2-imageio-x.x.x.jar{*}}}

To enable ICEpdf Pro and full PDF font support, install the following:

* {{{*}icepdf-pro-x.x.x.jar{*}}}
* {{{*}icepdf-pro-intl-x.x.x.jar{*}}}

To add support for JPEG200 images:
Add the following maven dependencies to your project.
compile 'com.github.jai-imageio:jai-imageio-jpeg2000:1.3.0'

3. Run "{{{*}java org.icepdf.core.ri.viewer.Main* \[option <value>\]}}"

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h5. Starting as an Executable JAR

The {{{*}icepdf-viewer.jar{*}}} file is an executable JAR file, so you can also start the Viewer Application with JDK 1.5.0 or greater as follows:

{{{*}java \-jar icepdf-viewer.jar{*}}}

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h5. Command Line Options

| *Option* | *Description* |
| \-loadfile _filename_ | Starts the ICEpdf Viewer and displays the specified local PDF file. Use the following syntax: \\
\\ {{*\-loadfile c:/examplepath/file.pdf}} |
| \-loadurl _url_ | Starts the ICEpdf Viewer and displays the PDF file at the specified URL. Use the following syntax: \\
\\ {{*\-loadurl}} |

To start the ICEpdf Viewer without command line options or Batik support:
"{{{*}java \-classpath icepdf-core.jar;icepdf-viewer.jar org.icepdf.ri.viewer.Main{*}}}"

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h5. Settings Directory

The ICEpdf Viewer stores its settings via the Preferences API and stores setting on a platform by platform basis.

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