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The ICEpdf Viewer is a reference implementation (RI) of a standalone PDF viewer application. You can use it as is, or as a starting point for your own custom application.

The application uses the SwingViewBuilder object to create the GUI elements in the viewer application, such as the toolbar and menu system. These GUI elements, including the page view, are controlled by the SwingController object which produces a rich viewer application that can be used as is in most implementations.

The source-code for the ICEpdf Viewer Application is located in the {{*\[install_dir\]/icepdf/viewer/*}} directory.

* [Starting the ICEpdf Viewer Application|Starting the Viewer#startingviewer]
** [Starting as an Executable JAR|Starting theViewer#startingexecutablejar]
** [Command Line Options|Starting the Viewer#startingcommandline]
** [Settings Directory|Starting the Viewer#startingsettingsdir]
* [Using the ICEpdf Viewer|Using the Viewer#usingviewer]
** [Opening PDF Files|Using the Viewer#usingopendoc]
** [The ICEpdf Viewer Work Area|Using the Viewer#usingviewerworkarea]
** [Navigating Within a PDF File|Using the Viewer#usingnavigation]
** [Document Manipulation|Using the Viewer#usingdocumentmanipulation]
** [Keyboard and Mouse Manipulation|Using the Viewer#usingkeyboardmanipulation]
** [Searching for Text|Using the Viewer#usingsearch]
** [Working with Annotations|Using the Viewer#usingannotations]
** [Displaying Document Permissions and Information|Using the Viewer#usingdisplaypermissions]
** [Exporting a PDF File to SVG|Using the Viewer#usingexportsvg]
** [Exporting a PDF File to Text|Using the Viewer#usingexporttxt]
** [Printing a PDF File|Using the Viewer#usingprint]
** [Saving a PDF File|Using the Viewer#usingsave]
** [Closing a PDF File|Using the Viewer#usingclose]
** [Exiting the ICEpdf Viewer Application|Using the Viewer#usingexit]