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ICEfaces 1.7.2 is now available for download or SVN repository checkout.

ICEfaces 1.7.2 is a certified maintenance release that includes over 100 fixes and improvements. Notable changes include:

ICEfaces Component Suite
  • A new ice:outputResource component has been added to ease download of application resources such as report documents (.pdf, .doc), images, etc.
  • ice:outputText has a new "nospan" attribute, which can be used to disable wrapping of outputText content with a <SPAN> element.
  • The ice:selectInputDate component has a new attribute, "inputTitle" which can be used to specify a "title" attribute on the inputelement only (only applies when "renderAsPopup=true").
  • ice:dataTable supports a new attribute, "resizableColumnWidths", which can be used to capture and specify the column widths for each column in a dataTable with user-resizable columns.
  • ice:dataTable supports a new theme CSS styleclass, "iceDatTblActvSrtHdr", which can be used to style the active sort header in a sortable dataTable.
  • The performance of the ice:menuItem renderer has been improved which will result in greatly improved rendering performance for menus with a lot of menuItems. 
  • The "rows" attribute on the ice:selectInputText component is now supported.
  • An issue that could cause ice:inputFile file uploads to fail intermittently has been resolved.

  • A new "sessionExpiredRedirectURI" configuration parameter has been added to support automatic redirection to a specified page upon session expiry. See the "Documentation Changes" section in the ReleaseNotes.html for details.
  • The text messages used by the ICEfaces bridge to display error message dialogs ("Connection Lost", "Session Expired", etc.) can now be specified in an application resource bundle for localization and customization. See ICE-3016 for details.
  • A new JavaScript API has been added to the ICEfaces bridge to permit closing and disposing of a view from within JavaScript in the browser. This is useful in situations such as portlet development where the portlet  region in the browser may have a widget to close the portlet. See ICE-3266 for details.
  • The mouse pointer will now change to an hourglass when a partial (or full) submit is pending.
  • New auto-detection and configuration for BEA WebLogic with ICEfaces AHS server.
  • ICEfaces will now automatically revert back to non-AHS async communications mode if the AHS configuration fails at any step. Log output clearly indicates when this occurs.
  • Improved DOMdiffing and serialization algorithm resulting in an approx. 10% performance throughput improvement, with potential for much greater improvement depending on the nature of the application content.
  • A new TRACE level log has been added that will dump the contents of each DOM update to be sent to the client to the log file. Use TRACE level logging for the "com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.core.SendUpdates" class to enable this logging.
  • The icefaces-facelets.jar has been updated to version 1.1.15.B1 of Facelets.
  • The Sun JSF 1.2 runtime libraries included in the icefaces/lib directory has been updated to JSF1.2_09.

3rd Party Framework Support
  • Spring Web Flow
    • This release includes improved support for Spring WebFlow (v2.0.3). Support is generally complete, but see the Known Issues section for details on a specific outstanding issue.
    • For a usage example see the swf-booking-faces sample project.
  • JBoss Seam
    • Seam exception-redirection is now supported.
    • Seam 2.0.2 deployed to JBoss 4.2.3 (JSF1.2_09) is now supported. 
    • Seam 2.1 RC1 is now supported.
    • ICEfaces will now default to Standard Request mode ("com.icesoft.faces.standardRequestScope=TRUE") if Seam is detected at runtime. If Seam is not present, the normal default of "com.icesoft.faces.standardRequestScope=FALSE" will apply.

Please read the ReleaseNotes.html included in the release bundle for complete details on new features, known issues, and other notes.

Ken Fyten
VP Product Development
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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