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ICEfaces 1.8.0-DR#2 is now available for download.

ICEfaces v1.8.0-DR#2 is a development milestone build that provides an early-access preview of new features, enhancements, and fixes that will be included in the upcoming ICEfaces v1.8.0 release. This build has been lightly tested and is unsuitable for production use.

This release includes over 100 fixes and enhancements.

Notable Changes
  • Framework

    • Support for Clustered Fail-Over. ICEfaces now supports clustered fail-over configurations whereby an ICEfaces application can be run in a clustered deployment and, when a failure one one server node in the cluster occurs, user sessions are seamlessly transferred to another node in the cluster (without interruption to the users).
    • Support for JSF State-Saving. In previous releases ICEfaces used a persistent component-tree model but starting with this release JSF state-saving is now supported in JSF1.2 environments.
    • JSF 1.2 Support. ICEfaces can now be used in JSF 1.2 environments utilizing the JSF 1.2 document schemas for the faces-config.xml and web.xml files when used with Sun JSF 1.2_09 or greater.
    • SessionRenderer is now an official API. The SessionRenderer API was introduced as an experimental API in ICEfaces 1.7.1. Based on positive feedback from the community it has been repackaged and is now an official API. The SessionRenderer provides a very simple API for adding Ajax Push into ICEfaces applications that don't require the more specialized asynchronous update capabilities provided by the existing RenderManager API.
    • Improved Browser Support. Support for the following new browsers is added in this release:
      • BlackBerry Bold
      • Google Chrome v1.0
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer v8 (beta)
  • Asynchronous HTTP Server (AHS)

    • Simplified AHS Configuration. The ICEfaces AHS packages are now included in the core icefaces.jar and just-ice.jar libraries. Previously the standalone icefaces-ahs.jar was required to use AHS.
  • Sample Applications

    • New "timezone-failover" tutorial
      • Demonstrates using ICEfaces Ajax-push techniques in a clustered fail-over environment.
    • Component Showcase Localization
      • Added support for user-selectable languages (dynamic locale change) in the Component Showcase sample applications. This release includes resource files for English and Spanish. We are seeking community contributors to provide additional language language translation files. If you are interested see the How To Contribute page for more information.
      • Examples of using standard JSF validators have been added to the "Text Entry" demo under "Extended Components".
  • 3rd Party Frameworks

    • JAAS Security Support
      • JAAS security is now supported for user-role authentication (renderedOnUserRole, enabledOnUserRole, etc.).
Please read the ReleaseNotes.html included in the release bundle for complete details on new features, known issues, and other notes.

If you have comments, suggestions, or problems related to using the Development Build please post them in the Development Build Feedback forum.

Ken Fyten
VP Product Development
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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