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Which forum search do you prefer?
The new Google-based search 3% [ 1 ]
The previous JForum search 97% [ 34 ]
Total Votes : 35
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New Forum Search Engine Technology

We have temporarily replaced our forum search function with a Google-based search engine for evaluation by the community. Both engines offer their own unique advantages and disadvantages in terms of format, responsiveness, and depth of search. The decision to use one over the other is certainly not finalized and we would appreciate any feedback the community can provide to help us make a final determination.

Please vote with your preference and also respond to this thread with any constructive comments and suggestions, etc.

Thank you
- Admin

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When I search for 'Joda' it doesn't give any results, while a topic with JodaDate in it's subject is on top of the recent topic list.

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Admin wrote:
Both engines offer their own unique advantages and disadvantages 

Could you please list them...? And maybe everybody who votes can drop some lines about his decision.

- Tim

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I prefered the old search. For example I am looking for a post I did some time ago and I know the keyword the search does not show the autor of the posts.

f.ex Sometime ago I posted a problem with the safari browser so I enter Safari as keyword. But the results with google show plenty results but not the autor of the post. The old search, when I remember, showed the title,autor, last answer and even the sub forum (component, seam, ...)

So personnaly, I prefer the old search engine. At least the representation of the results.

But that's just my option


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I too prefer the old search . Because i faced the same problem as Georges mentioned. So better to go with old one.



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Alright, we got the message! :)

The original JForum search capability has been restored, and is now much faster than before.

Thanks for your feedback.

- Admin
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