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When the page is greater than the current browser window, the Session Expired message scrolls with the page. The result is not appropiated.

Is it possible to add some kind of "background-attachment: fixed;" or something like that to the CSS to keep all the screen grayed??.

Is it possible to customize the session expired message style??

PD: Internationalization for the message (or parameter defined message) will be great too.

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Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider to fix this styling issue you mentioned.

It is not possible to customize the session expired message style, however you can use our outputConnectionStatus component, this will give you opportunity to style the different states represented by the outputConnectionStatus component. Please refer the tld doc to see the detail on different states.

NOTE: The session expire message only appears in the lack of appearance of outputConnectionStatus component.

-- Adnan Durrani --

-- Adnan Durrani --
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