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ICEfaces 1.8.1 is now available for download or SVN repository checkout.

In addition to the main binary and source bundles, updated tool integration bundles for Eclipse 3.4, MyEclipse 7.1, Netbeans 6.5, RAD 7.5, and Maven are also available.

ICEfaces 1.8.1 is a certified maintenance release that includes over 70 fixes and improvements. Notable changes include:

ICEfaces Component Suite
  • The ice:inputTextarea component has been enhanced to support the "maxlength" attribute.
  • The ice:outputChart now supports the horizontal orientation for the "barstacked" chart-type.
  • The ice:dataExporter component has been improved to support both the generation of an export file and the initiation of the download of the file in response to a single user click, instead of the previously required two clicks. As a result, the 'clickToCreateFileText' attribute has been deprecated in this release and is now a no-op attribute.
  • The ice:outputStyle component now supports Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), such that an IE8-specific theme css file will automatically be included in the page when using IE8. 
  • The ice:inputRichText component has been updated to use FCKeditor library v2.6.4.
  • The ice:menuBar component has been improved to avoid displaying child menus off the top of the visible viewport, in addition to the previous positioning enhancements included in 1.8.0.
  • The ice:panelGroup's drag & drop features have been improved to resolve some issues when using drag & drop within scrollable <DIV>s in the IE browsers. In addition, a Scriptaculous bug that prevented the Drop event.getTargetDropValue()  method from returning the correct value has been resolved. Note that a new "dropTargetScrollerId" attribute must be specified in some cases to avoid this issue. See the TLD documentation for this component for details.
  • The TLD documentation for the ice:inputFile component has been updated to warn against performing long-running operations in the actionListener for this component as doing so may result in the inputFile component disappearing in browser. 
  • Support has been added for the Facelets <ui:debug> tag in this release. To enable this feature press Ctrl-Shift-D in your browser.
  • Preliminary support for the Google App. Engine application hosting environment has been added in this release, with certain limitations. See JIRA ICE-4394 for details.
  • A navigation issue related to ICEfaces handling of a redirect from a forwarded page has been resolved to align with the JSF RI's behavior, as well as ICEfaces behavior prior to 1.7.2. See JIRA ICE-4428 for details. 
  • An issue introduced in 1.8.0 that resulted in request-scoped beans being disposed and recreated upon a page reload when "concurrentDOMViews=false" and "standardRequestScope=false" has been resolved. See JIRA ICE-4459 for details.
  • An issue that could cause browser focus to be lost when a partialSubmit was triggered  from an inputText component has been resolved. This issue was limited to Internet Explorer (IE) browsers. For more information, refer to JIRA ICE-4461.
  • An issue that could cause an UnsupportedOperationException to be thrown when using JBoss Portal 2.6.x has been resolved.
  • An issue that could cause push operations to stop working when viewing multiple asynchronous ICEfaces applications in the Opera 9.6.x browser has been fixed.
Sample Applications
  • Component Showcase
    • An issue that prevented the "setEventPhase" demo from working correctly when running on a JSF 1.1 runtime has been resolved.
  • API JavaDoc
    • The API JavaDoc for the new SessionRenderer API introduced in 1.8.0 was incorrectly omitted from the API JavaDoc in that release. It has been added in 1.8.1.
  • ICEfaces Developer's Guide
    • To clarify the "Push Server" section in "Chapter 5 - Advanced Topics" section on pg. 74 - the Push Server MUST ALWAYS be deployed with asynchronous ICEfaces portlets or the push functions of these portlets will not work.
    • The usage example in the Bridge Connection Status Events section in "Chapter 4 - ICEfaces Reference Information", on pg. 28 is incorrect. The corrected usage example is noted below:
       <script type="text/javascript">
        Ice.onSessionExpired('document:body', function() { 
        alert('Session has expired!'); 

Please read the ReleaseNotes.html included in the release bundle for complete details on new features, known issues, and other notes.

Ken Fyten
VP Product Development
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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