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I am working on an Icefaces1.8.1+Facelets project under Netbeans 6.5.1 and I'm having a hard time deciding if I should work with xhtml or jspx files. Not that I think the extension matters so much in the end, but it does matter for Netbeans. Let me explain.

Xhtml files appeared to be the best choice because auto completion and palette both worked when editing them. Later, I discovered auto complete is lost if I strip the <html> tag. I had decided to wrap my content into a <f:subview> with appropriate xmlns attributes. Why is auto completion linked to the <html> tag? Do I really have to leave the <html> tag in my files?

I also tried jspx to see how they behave. They provide me with auto completion but the palette window appears empty. Why is that? I want both!

How do you guys get to use auto complete and palette window at the same time?

EDIT: I am not using the graphical editor and I don't want to use it.
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