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I opened a request on this problems : http://www.netbeans.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=169820
Please vote for it, if you agree with me!

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Hola a todos.

La verdad es que saber que no se seguira desarrollando VWP que era una plataforma fantastica para concentrarse en el resultado mas que en el intrincado codigo, eso si le faltaban componente AJAX porque el pestañeo era molesto, pero salvo lo anterior no he visto herramienta para desarrollar en JAVA como VWP. Suponia que tarde o temprano saldria una version con los componentes AJAX, pero nunca imagine que ya no habria mas desarrollo para VWP. La verdad me siento decepcionado y nadie me podra convernser que es mejor los framework JFS u otro que VWP. Yo que pertenezco al mundo empresarial deseeo herramientas que me solucionen problemas de negocios con la robustez de la tecnologia JAVA y VWP era la herramienta adecuada, simple, ituitiva, seteando propiedades para los componetents, com un preview, etc. He visto un tutorial con ICEface en que para hacer un pequeñez de pagina el codigo asociado es penoso. La verdad ustdes creen que esto es mejor que lo VWP?. Si es asi creo que es una de las razones que JAVA no se ha consolidado completamente en el mudo del desarrollo, mas bien es apoyaada por personas concetrandas en los recobecos del codigo frente a concentrarse en la solucion. Creo amigos, es un retroceso, creo que .NET comienza a tener sentido ahora.

NO habria sido mejor remplazar los componentes WoodStcok por los de ICeFace y seguir desarrollando VWP???


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ken.fyten wrote:

For ICEfaces 2.0 we are reviewing our option as we would like to be able to support a robust visual design capability based on Facelets markup in an open-source IDE.

Just to express my support for this!

Some individuals hold the opinion that visual tools are unimportant but this opinion is as ridiculous and backward as the idea that we should abandon IDEs altogether and just use VI and the command line. Microsoft Visual Studio has had visual design capabilities at it's heart since 2003. Even though many of us spend more time in the raw code than in the visual designer the visual designer is still a very important tool and it's great that you're hoping to support a visual design capability in an open-source IDE in ICEFaces in the future.

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This decision is terrible. Personaly I decided to use the ICE Faces, just due the Netbeans superior visual design for web applications (much better that the features provides by Eclipse or any other tool).
Netbeans was the best IDE and the most productive environment for developing WEB java applications with RAD support.
Now, without support we loose all investment (since we need to migrate everything to a new plataform).
This is why people decide to stick with Microsoft technology. Using Microsoft the backward compatibility is always assured.

Do we have any garanty that we will have Visual Design Support for JSF 2.0 ?


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If iceface vwp can work with netbean 6.5.X then why it can not work with 6.7 ? Explaination by ken that has some critical bugs , but this explaination can not satisify us because if it can work in 6.5.X then it must be very easy in implementing in 6.7 due to most of things are done in 6.5

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any news about vw & icefaces in NB 6.8??

I'm still working with NB 6.5 and woodstock components waiting for the good news of beeing able to switch from woodstock to icefaces without regrets, I mean, if I switch to icefaces I have to be shure I can work with a visual design interface.... otherwise I'll stick with Woodstock a little more


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any news about vw & icefaces in NB 6.8??

Best regards

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Unfortunately, NetBeans 6.8 does not provide any support for Visual Web Projects, or any similar visual page editor.

ICEfaces will consider adding visual design support to future NetBeans releases should they re-introduce support for a Facelets Visual Designer.


Ken Fyten
VP Product Development
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.

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I too like visual design tools, but with netbeans 6.8 in place deployment makes it much less necessary. Simply save your work and refresh the web page and your changes will show up without losing your session. This is a far cry from vi.

I have tried using JBoss web tools with Richfaces and the problem it had was that the internal browser often didn't match what the page would like like when deployed, so you had to deploy anyway to see what your page would look like.

Also, Eclipse 3.5, Richfaces and JBoss Web Tools are likely 6 months from being ready. And when it does get here you are always going to have the problem of whether you should pay for the JBoss Studio or MyEclipse and then installing all the packages you need. With Netbeans and Icefaces you don't have any of those problems, it all just works.

This makes Icefaces on Netbeans a great solution for anyone who wants to get going NOW with JEE 6.

Also, the only reason I left Netbeans for a time was the shaky facelet support, and the lack of dependency auto completion that eclipse with seam provided, but with Netbeans 6.8, JEE6 and Weld that has been corrected.

BTW, I love the new configuration that is needed to get Icefaces up and running -- very simple. Great work!

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I think,your netbeans plugin is little useful.
the lib is placed into the project lib,there will appear code completion,in jsp or facelets.richfaces can also do this, this is netbeans's capability by itself.

but your plugin,can only has a palette in the jsp.and can drop some simple label.

I prefer to not use it.

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I have a question that I have not seen raised yet. I don't care so much about the visual design part of this change but I was using the com.sun.rave.web.ui.appbase package. Is this package no longer needed for icefaces 2.0/facelets? How do I access the Faces objects I need ie: Application, ViewHandler, etc... without using this package? Would I use FacesContext.getCurrentInstance() to access the Faces object I need?

Chris B

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Vaadin offers a similar tool. It's only for eclipse though...
I'll move there...

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Y en que paso estamos hoy AGOSTO 2010

Habra o no VISUAL WEB ICEFACES para netbeans 6.9 y futuras versiones?

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Me gustaria saber si existe alguna alternativa a netbeans y eclipse para usar su ICEFaces en forma visual?..

Finally, oracle will make a vwp for netbeans and when?


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Acharam um jeito para VMP???
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