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ICEpdf v4.0 Beta is now available for download or SVN repository checkout.

ICEpdf 4.0 Beta is a major new release of ICEpdf, featuring the following significant enhancements:

Rendering Core
  • ICEpdf Pro now supports incremental document updates for Link Annotation edits (save modifed PDF documents).
  • Support for JBIG2 image compression.
  • Page initialization and page painter threads are now daemons to insure property JVM exiting.
  • Fixed a rare condition where shared resource could be cleared in a low memory environment.
  • Improvements to CMYK alternate colour space parsing.

Viewer Application
  • New multi-page text selection tool and system clipboard copying.
  • Search results utility pane now shows search results contextually.
  • Search results are now show in a highlight state in the document page view.
  • New Link Annotation tool for creating new annotations.
  • New Select Tool for selecting existing document annotations.
  • New ability to view / edit / delete link annotations and attributes using the ICEpdf Viewer RI utility pane.
  • New viewer RI properties file allows for customization of the viewer UI features and functionality without coding.
  • New Mac OSX UI compatibility improvements.
  • Updated Viewer RI focus management to be less greedy.
  • RI tool bar now wraps as the parent frame is resized.

Example Applications
  • New Automated Annotation Creation Example
    • Uses the Search API to find text matches.
    • Text matches are converted to annotations with pre defined GoTo or URI actions.
  • New Search API Example
    • Shows how to configure a multiple term search.
    • Opens the viewer RI with search results highlighted.
  • New Viewer RI Custom Configuration
    • Shows how to configure the Viewer RI with a properties file.
  • Documentation
    • ICEpdf Developer's Guide. The ICEpdf Developer's Guide is now available online:
      • Includes an in-depth discussion of the ICEfpdf architecture and key concepts.
      • Discussion of common ICEpdf use-cases and relevant reference and examples.
      • Reference materials related to APIs, configuration and examples.

Please read the Release Notes (also included in the release bundles) for more information, Known Issues, and other notes.

Ken Fyten
VP Product Development
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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