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ICEsoft is pleased to announce the availability of ICEfaces EE 1.8.2.GA_P03 (Patch 3).

The main ICEfaces EE 1.8.2.GA_P03 bundles are available to all ICEfaces EE subscribers on the ICEfaces.org ICEfaces 1.x download page (in the "ICEfaces Enterprise Edition" section).

Documentation and resources for the ICEpack features included within ICEfaces EE are available in the ICEfaces EE 1.x / ICEpack Wiki.

Additional Functional and Load-Testing bundles are available for download in the ICEpack Wiki - Test Resources topics.

Patch 3 includes over 80 improvements and fixes, including:

New Browser Support
  • This release adds official support for Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) and Firefox 4.

    Core Framework
  • Update Prototype library to 1.7, and Scriptaculous to 1.9 releases (for IE 9 support)
  • Blocking Servlet returns a HTTP 200 code instead of returning the correct HTTP error status
  • Added additional classes to the core JavaDoc documentation
  • Added new config. parameter to optionally disable the Browser History Tracking feature

    ICEfaces Component Suite
  • Upgraded ice:inputRichText to use latest version of CKEditor (for IE9 support).
  • The JavaScript files used by the ICEfaces Components have been optimized to reduce their sizes, resulting in a 50% size savings vs. EE 1.8.2.GA_P02 (approx. 250KB)
  • Improved reliability when using multiple Modal panelPopups simultaneously
  • Added "disabled" attribute to the outputResource component
  • Added "tabindex" attribute to rowSelector/dataTable
  • Added "legend" attribute to selectOneRadio and selectManyCheckbox
  • Allow "positionOnLoadOnly" attribute to disable popup auto centering when the page is scrolled
  • Make 1.8.x AxisChart serializable
  • selectInputText "rows=0" should display all matches (instead of none)
  • DataExporter doesn't use Converters to export data
  • DataTable optimization: add client id to tbody element

    ICEfaces EE Composite Components
    Numerous enhancements have been made to the following components:
  • RichDataGrid
  • EditableDataTable
  • ExpandableTable
  • EasyDialog
  • SelectionTree
  • Schedule
  • Fixed TLD issue on JBoss 6

    Enterprise Push Server (EPS)
  • Fixed issue that could cause EPS' ARP functionality to fail to startup properly
  • Added jboss5 and glassfishv2 Ant targets to sample builds

    For more information on all the changes in this release, see the Release Notes.

    About ICEfaces Enterprise Edition (EE)

    This commercial version of ICEfaces provides additional features and benefits targeted at robust and scalable enterprise application deployments.

    ICEfaces EE is a fully-tested and certified enterprise-grade solution ideal for companies that require a fully-supported production platform with guaranteed SLA response times, from development through to production. ICEfaces EE is best suited for organizations that need/want:

  • an enterprise-ready framework that has been extensively tested and certified
  • to integrate with Java EE open source and commercial software products
  • to be professionally supported with committed SLA response times
  • access to advanced composite components
  • access to the latest certified release, emergency patches, and custom builds
  • to be supported on previous versions of ICEfaces EE
  • assistance with Functional and Load Testing
  • scale complex applications featuring Ajax-push in clustered, highly-available environments with failover

    For more information see the following resources:

  • ICEfaces EE 1.x Product Page
  • ICEfaces EE Supported Platforms

  • Ken Fyten
    VP Product Development
    ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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