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I'm working with ICE-Faces now quite some time. However I now have a serious problem, for which I didn't find any solution, although the requirement seems quite simple:

- I have a page with a (quite complex) presentation of data in three stacked data tables. This data table is generated on the fly using some filter configuration.

- On top of the page I have a filter form, that allows to set the filter configuration for data in the table. The filter uses some autocompletion according to
http://wiki.icefaces.org/display/ICE/Auto-Complete .

- The filter has a button "Apply" which should update the data table.

This work's fine with standard input text and drop-down boxes.

However entering data into the auto-complete fields updates the table immediately.

I suspect that this is due to the partial-commit effect of the auto-complete.

So my question is, how could I avoid the update of the datatable?

I have tried the following things, which didn't help

- Put the filter form into an extra <view><form>...</form></view>

- Use immediate="true" in the inputText

- Enclose it in a <iceCore:singleCommt>...</iceCore:singleCommit>

Thank you


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