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I have an old application on ice 1.8. It works great but we're looking into updating it. So I did a test and got one key page converted from jboss 5 with ice 1.8 to wildfly 8 with ice 4.

I then compared the ice:datatable with the ace:datatable. I used the same backing bean/spring/etc... code and just changed the component from ice to ace.

In my 1.8 code, I had to implement the sort. In the ACE table, I added the sortby value. The interesting thing is the ace version is MUCH slower in both getting the data and especially the sort. I watched the CPU on the same server when sorting on a column. In the 1.8 version, it's maybe 1/2 a second and cpu bumps up a tiny bit but goes down quickly since the sort code is quick. In the ACE v4 version, it takes 2-3 seconds and gobbles a cpu during those seconds.

I know it could be wildfly and not ICE but has anyone else compared and seen similar or different results? I really could go for the auto sort and auto-filter on every table, but my customers would revolt if it slowed down this much. And this was on a data set of 8 pages of 50 each, so less than 400 entries.

Any thoughts either way?

Thank you!
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