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Hi again,

after upgrading icepdf we recognized different handling of search results and especially their highligting in the pdf.

Please see attached screenshots. (right side is version 5 and left side is the same document with version 6.3-snapshot)

The hit count for the search is also different.

Notice: some time ago we had similar issues with our PDF's (created by Crystal Reports Java) and some properties were introduced which fixed the problems for us:

org.icepdf.core.views.page.text.autoSpace -> false
org.icepdf.core.views.page.text.preserveColumns -> false
org.icepdf.core.views.page.text.trim.duplicates -> true

Some of these issues also had to deal with copy pasting text from the pdf to the clipboard.

Any ideas regarding this issue?


Bye Peter
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It's hard to say at first glance, could post samples or contact support?

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add example.pdf

search for "oberteil" as shown in the screenshots

thanks for looking at the issue!
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