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I'm trying to render a received PDF using free version 6.2 of icepdf but instead of euro symbol € I get a strange char. The strangest think is that using acrobat reader i don't have this issue.
I look up into the forum but i couldn't find any answer to this problem, someone suggest to define font on pdf but I'm not generating it so i can't do it, other suggest to use Font on swingcontroller but i don't know how. Below my java code to render the pdf

private void renderPdf(String filePath) {
PropertiesManager properties = new PropertiesManager(System.getProperties(), ResourceBundle.getBundle(PropertiesManager.DEFAULT_MESSAGE_BUNDLE));
//hide tool bar and status bar
properties.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_SHOW_STATUSBAR, false);
properties.setBoolean(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_VIEWPREF_HIDETOOLBAR, true);

//it should works but it doesn't (maybe in the next releases) so I have to set this propertie on SwingViewBuilder constructor
// properties.setInt("document.viewtype"/*PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_DEFAULT_VIEW_TYPE*/,DocumentViewControllerImpl.ONE_COLUMN_VIEW);
//set document width to the window width
properties.setInt(PropertiesManager.PROPERTY_DEFAULT_PAGEFIT, DocumentViewController.PAGE_FIT_WINDOW_HEIGHT);

// Build a SwingViewFactory configured with the controller
SwingViewBuilder factory = new SwingViewBuilder(controller, properties, null, false, SwingViewBuilder.TOOL_BAR_STYLE_FIXED, null,
DocumentViewControllerImpl.ONE_COLUMN_VIEW,//let the document to be shown in one single page
DocumentViewController.PAGE_FIT_WINDOW_WIDTH);//fit the window width


// Use the factory to build a JPanel that is pre-configured
//with a complete, active Viewer UI.
JPanel viewerComponentPanel = factory.buildViewerPanel();

// Open a PDF document to view

attached you can find the PDF file i'm trying to show
is there someone that can help me ?

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I have the same issue.
Dollar or paragraph characters are displayed correctly.
I use version 6.2.2 and 6.3.2. So far i have not found another character with the same problem.

I really need a solution for this.
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