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I have an ace:datatable inside a dialog popup. Something very simple like below. We are using 3.3 latest with a couple of leftover 1.8 compat still in the app, so haven't fully moved to 4 yet.

 				<ace:dialog header="Manage Access" 
 					visible="#{AdhocReportBean.showManageAccessPopup}" closeOnEscape="false">
 					<ace:ajax event="close" />
 							<ace:dataTable var="action"
 								scrollable="true" scrollHeight="250">
 							<ice:outputText value="#{action.name}" />

In this code, if you have scrollable as false, it will be centered. But as true, it centers vertically but goes full left margin of the window. Does anyone know how to keep it centered if we have a scrollable table?

I think it has to do with the width being unknown because if I set a width on the dialog, it will center with scrollable=true. But if I let it be dynamic width (which is ideal for our app) then it no longer centers.

Any ideas?

Thank you!
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