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Ever since I integrated the icefaces components with my JSC, I can't run in debug mode...
I am getting this error:

Deployment of application ajaxTest completed successfully
/nfs/iil/iec/sws/work/btamir/Creator2/Projects/ajaxTest/nbproject/build-impl.xml:550: org.netbeans.api.debugger.jpda.DebuggerStartException: Connection refused
BUILD FAILED (total time: 9 seconds)

and the relevant line in my build-impl.xml is:

<nbjpdaconnect name="${name}" host="${jpda.host}" address="${jpda.address}" transport="${jpda.transport}">
<path path="${debug.classpath}:${ws.debug.classpaths}"/>
<path path="${web.docbase.dir}:${ws.web.docbase.dirs}"/>

did anyone encounter this before?
what does the connection refused say?

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Do you have a stack trace that we could look at?

JSC 2 update 1 debug mode works fine. so far I have not seen any problem with connector

You could also turn on the JDK 1.4 style logging under

D:\Program Files\Sun\Creator2_1\java\jre\lib

loggin.properties (same as JDK 1.4 logging options)

Could you attach a simple example that we could look at?


Joined: 30/Nov/2006 00:00:00
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Thanks for helping!
It happens to me ever since I installed the icefaces nbm file. it will happen with even the simplest page.
I work on linux.

Not sure I understood how to turn on the logging.
what should I change in logging.properties?

also how can I grab the stack trace?

Joined: 26/Oct/2004 00:00:00
Messages: 709

Design time logging:

Creator 2 compatible using JDK 1.4 logging, details info:

Default installation and defaul JRE is here:

Run time logging:

Two options:

JDK 1.4 logging (turn on logging with Sun Application Server running )
log is available under (default domain creator )

Logging with log4j.

A bit of custom work needs to be done.
common-logging.jar (Log4JFactory class is removed). so it actually only common-logging-api.jar

So you need to install a separate
common-logging.jar (download from http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/logging/)

Add log4j. and log4j.properties.

Debug in run time works fine.

If you have any stack trace, I could help with....

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