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Rules of Conduct

Welcome to the ICEfaces Developers Forum. Our objective is to provide a friendly communal environment where users can share knowledge of Ajax and ICEfaces in a respectful and collaborative manner. In order to achieve this objective we ask that forum participants comply with our expected Code of Conduct.

Please read these guidelines carefully. Non-compliance with this code will result in appropriate responsive measures being taken by the forum moderator which may include the editing or deletion of postings or the revocation of forum access privileges.

Show respectfulness to the respondent:

Responses to your forum queries are typically provided as a complimentary service from ICEsoft or from our much appreciated community volunteers. Any abusive treatment towards those offering assistance will not be tolerated.

Public Forum / Private Information:

Please remember that this forum is a public communication vehicle. Please refrain from the transmittal of private information. Usage of the forum is contingent upon your agreement not to post or store any material that violates or infringes upon anyone elses intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patents, secrets etc.

Search First / Ask Second:

Our forum is rich in information. Before posting a query on the forum we would ask that you use our available search function to try to find out if your question has already been asked and answered. This allows us to focus our responses on new queries which will benefit the community at large. You will find that responsiveness to previously answered questions might be slower than you would like.

Stay on Topic:

Comments and queries should be directly related to the development of Ajax Applications, related tools and technologies, JSF and ICEfaces.

No Advertising, Spam, Third Party Advertising or Pornography:

Any posting whose primary purpose is the advertising or promotion of third party services or products, any spam or broadcast communications, or any posting containing pornographic material or links to such materials will be immediately removed by the forum moderator.

Preferred Method of Communication:

Support questions should be submitted either via the forum or by way of a support request form. We would ask that you refrain from sending private messages via chat or email unless such communication has be requested by ICEsoft staff. This helps us to more effectively track issues and has the added benefit of making potential issues and answers available to the rest of the community.

General Behavior:

Please be respectful of others. Our community is very diverse and is comprised of members from a wide range of nationalities, ethnicities, ages and experience levels. The use of profanity, insulting, derogatory or otherwise offensive comments will not be tolerated and posting including such materials will be subject to immediate removal without warning.

Agree to Disagree:

Debate and disagreement are a natural byproduct of our work and experience. Such debate is often constructive and adds benefit to the community so long as it does not become disruptive or rude. When impasses emerge as they inevitably will, we suggest that the parties agree to disagree and move on.

Self Policing:

We often rely on our community to police itself. The number and frequency of postings and threads often makes it difficult to supervise in a timely manner. If you see a posting which appears to violate any of our guidelines please send a private message alerting the forum moderator. Do not respond to the post yourself. ICEsoft reserves the right to ban any member or to delete any post that we feel violates our guidelines or disrupts the community in general.

The Role of ICEsoft:

ICEsoft is the sponsor of the ICEfaces open source projects and hosts the ICEfaces forum and .org website. We are regularly present on the forum to provide assistance and response to queries posted by the community. This is a complimentary service and our responses to general community questions are posted as quickly as we can get to them on an as time permitting basis. ICEsoft is a commercial enterprise and response priority is given to paying support customers.

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