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Recently we have received some questions as to the policy ICEsoft uses to prioritize and respond to queries posted in the forum. Forum users want to know why some posts are responded to by ICEsoft team members more quickly than others.

In any given month somewhere between 300-500 new threads are posted on the ICEfaces forums. These new threads generate between 1,000-2,000 new posts/ responses each month. Typically, ICEsoft employees account for 30% of these responses. As most of you know it can often take hours to properly diagnose and resolve an application or configuration problem. We simply don't have the time or resources to be able to respond to all of the queries in as timely or detailed a fashion as we might like. As a result we are often forced to prioritize how and when we respond to queries. Our process for doing this is based on the following guidelines:

1. Commercially supported customers
Paying support customers get moved to the front of the queue. For more information on how to become a commercially supported customer follow this link.

2. Core technology issues
Core technology related issues that have the potential of impacting a broad segment of community will get priority response on the forums. The more severe/complex the potential issue and the broader the scope, the higher the response priority.

3. Contributors
We value community members who are actively contributing and answering queries posted in the forums. If our past contributors raise new questions or issues, we do our best to respond as quickly as we can.

4. New community members
We will do our best to get new community members pointed in the right direction. If you don’t hear back from us right away, it might be that the question you are posing has been previously asked and answered in the forum. We encourage you to first use the forum search feature to try and find what you need. With over 14,000 previous posts there is a good chance your question has already been asked and answered in the forum.

5. Application development and deployment
Answering questions pertaining to your specific application or production environment can be very complex and time-consuming and the responses frequently do not benefit the community as a whole. Due to these factors we are often unable to respond to these issues in a timely fashion, if at all. In these cases we strongly encourage you to subscribe to a support package so that we can assist you directly.

6. Confrontational forum posts:
Forum posts that are needlessly alarmist or confrontational will not be responded to. Posts that violate the Rules of Conduct will be removed.

General Notes
Forum users are reminded of the Rules of Conduct for use of the forums. Also please note that questions that are complete in terms of information and relevant test cases etc. are much easier for use to diagnose and respond to than questions that lack specifics. A small time investment up front in posing your question can often result in much faster and cleaner responses.

The ICEfaces Team
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