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ICEfaces 1.7.0-DR#2 is now available for download.

ICEfaces v1.7.0-DR#2 is a development milestone build that provides an early-access preview of new features, enhancements, and fixes that will be included in the upcoming ICEfaces v1.7.0 release. This build has been lightly tested and should be considered unsuitable for production use.

Notable Enhancements
  • New Popup Context Menu
    • ice:menuPopup component can be associated to any panelGroup component to display a popup context menu when the user clicks the context menu button (typically rt-mouse button) over the panelGroup.
    • Support for ice:menuPopup is planned to be added to all ICEfaces Component Suite components prior to the 1.7 final release.

  • New Google Maps Component
    • ice:gMap component supports display of interactive Google Maps.
    • Supports additional functionality via the following optional child components:
      • ice:gMapControl
      • ice:gMapDirection
      • ice:gMapGeoXml
      • ice:gMapLatLng
      • ice:gMapLatLngs
      • ice:gMapMarker

  • New Rich Text Editor
    • ice:inputRichText component provides comprehensive support for editing rich text and HTML content.
    • Leverages the industry-leading FCKeditor JavaScript library.

  • Improved Security

Please read the ReleaseNotes.html included in the release bundle for complete details on new features, known issues, and other notes.

If you have comments, suggestions, or problems related to using the Development Build please post them exclusively in the Development Build Feedback forum.

Ken Fyten
VP Product Development
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.

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Another interesting feature in this release is the integration with GlassFish Grizzly Comet. This integration dramatically improves the scalability of Ajax Push applications (allowing large numbers of users to be handled with a small thread pool rather than a thread for each user). With the right configuration you will be ready to go.
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