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ICEfaces 1.7.0-DR#3 is now available for download.

ICEfaces v1.7.0-DR#3 is a development milestone build that provides an early-access preview of new features, enhancements, and fixes that will be included in the upcoming ICEfaces v1.7.0 release. This build has been lightly tested and should be considered unsuitable for production use.

Notable Enhancements
  • Components
    • Popup/Tooltip Panel
      • A new ice:panelTooltip component has been introduced in this release. This component can be associated with a panelGroup component to automatically display when the user hovers over the panelGroup for a configurable period of time.
      • The panelTooltip can be configured to automatically hide when the user moves the mouse off the triggering component, clicks outside the panelTooltip, etc.
      • The panelTooltip support both a static and dynamic usage mode so it's contents may be updated to reflect the source component triggering it's display at runtime.
      • See the "Tooltip Panel" demo source in the Component Showcase sample application for a usage example.
    • New SelectOneRadio, SelectManyCheckbox layout and grouping
      • The ice:selectOneRadio and ice:selectManyCheckbox components can now support a "spread" layout capability that enables each radioButton or checkbox to be placed in different container components (e.g. across columns in a table, etc.).
      • See the TLD documentation for ice:checkbox and ice:radiobutton for usage details.
    • Popup/Context Menu
      • The ice:menuPopup component introduced in DR#2 can now be used on UIData components such as ice:dataTable and ice:panelSeries. See the Component Showcase "Columns" component demo source for a usage example.
    • Drag & Drop Performance Optimizations
      • The panelGroup's draggable implemention has been optimized to drastically improve performance and scalabiliy when a large number of instances are used on a page, such as in dataTable rows or treeNodes.
  • Portal Support
    • Enhanced support for combining ICEfaces async. and synchronous portlets on a page
      • It is now possible to deploy ICEfaces portlets sourced from multiple .war files to a single portal page, including mixing of both synchronous and asynchronous portlets.
      • Support for multiple portlets in separate .war files requires configuring the new ICEfaces Async HTTP Server (AHS) servlet.
      • Please review relevant limitations in this release in the "Known Issues" section of the Release Notes.
    • Support for JSR-168 Portlet Themes
      • The ICEfaces Component Suite components now support the JSR-168 portlet theme style classes. 
    • New "Developing Portlets with ICEfaces" section in the ICEfaces Developer's Guide
      • See the updated documentation for detailed information on developing portlets using ICEfaces.
    • New portlet sample applications
      • A portlet version of the ICEfaces Component Showcase sample application demonstrates many of the ICEfaces components running as portlets.
        • To build the portlet component showcase use one of the "build.portlet.xxx" ant build targets in the /samples/component-showcase directory.
      • A new Async Chat portlet demonstrates using ICEfaces ajax-push within a portlet.
        • Located in the "icefaces/samples/portlet/chat" directory.
  • Async HTTP Server (AHS)
    • Formerly a stand-alone project, the AHS is now included in the core ICEfaces distribution.
    • In addition to running as a server inside an application server, it can now run as a servlet as well
      • Servlet configuration enables straightforward configuration and deployment for use with ICEfaces portlets.
      • Can now be used in a portal environment to support multiple asynchronous ICEfaces portlets deployed from different .war files.
    • Configure as a server for additional scalability and robustness for asynchronous ICEfaces applications.
    • See the new "Introduction to the Asynchronous HTTP Server" section in the Advanced Topics chapter of the ICEfaces Developer's Guide for details.
  • Spring Framework Support
    • Improved support for using ICEfaces with Spring and Spring Web Flow.
      • See the new "Spring Framework Integration" section in the Advanced Topics chapter of the ICEfaces Developer's Guide for details.
  • Documentation and Build Scripts
    • The ICEfaces Getting Started Guide and ICEfaces Developer's Guide have been updated for ICEfaces 1.7 (draft).
    • New Sample Application Build Targets
      • The build system for the ICEfaces sample applications and tutorials included in the ICEfaces bundle has been enhanced to provide specific build targets for the most popular JEE application servers making it easier to create sample .war files that will deploy successfully to the application server of your choice.
      • See the "Chapter 3 - Running the ICEfaces Sample Applications" in the ICEfaces Getting Started Guide for details.

If you have comments, suggestions, or problems related to using the Development Build please post them exclusively in the Development Build Feedback forum.

Ken Fyten
VP Product Development
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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