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ICEfaces 1.7.0-Beta1 is now available for download.

ICEfaces v1.7 Beta1 is a beta-test release that provides a feature-complete preview of the new features, enhancements, and fixes that will be included in the upcoming ICEfaces v1.7 release. This build has completed regression testing, however, significant issues may still exist. It is not recommended for production use.

Please review the Known Issues section in the included ReleaseNotes.html prior to using this release.
You may report any issues with this build to the ICEfaces Development Build Feedback forum or the ICEfaces JIRA issue tracker.

Notable Enhancements (since 1.7 DR#3)
  • Components
    • New Divider Panel (Split Pane)
      • A new ice:panelDivider component has been added.
      • Provides a divided panel that can contain two sub-panels which are displayed inside the panel with a divider bar between them.
      • Divider can be moved by the user to dynamically resize the sub-panels.
      • Supports both horizonal and vertical orientations.
      • See the TLD documentation and "Divider Panel" demo in the Component Showcase sample app. for details.
    • New Media Player Component
      • A new ice:outputMedia component has been added that provides the ability to display media content in ICEfaces pages.
      • Supports the following media players:
        • Flash
        • Quicktime
        • Windows Media
        • RealPlayer
      • Requires the browser to have suitable plugins installed for the supported media types.
      • See the TLD documentation and "Media Player" demo in the Component Showcase sample app. for details.
    • dataTable Enhancements
      • The ice:dataTable has been enhanced to support the following new features:
        • User-resizable dataTable columns
        • Multi-row headers and headers that span multiple columns
        • Row-level grouping - individual cells can span multiple dataTable rows
      • See the TLD documentation and Component Showcase sample app. for usage details.
    • Popup Tooltip Panels
      • The ice:panelTooltip component has been reworked to make it simpler to use and to better support use within UIData (dataTable, panelSeries, etc.) components. See the TLD documentation and "Tooltip Panel" demo in the Component Showcase sample app. for details.
      • The ice:panelPopup component now supports new "autoPosition" and "autoCenter" attributes. A popup panel with one of these enabled will maintain it's position over the page regardless of changes to the document or browser window size, or page scrolling in the browser.
    • Menubar Popup Menu
      • The ice:menuBar component has been enhanced to support a new "displayOnClick" attribute. When set the child menus will not display until one of the root-level menu-items is clicked on with the mouse. 
      • The ice:menuPopup component has been reworked to make it simpler and more consistent to use. See the Component Showcase "Columns" component demo source for a usage example.
    • XHTML Compliance
      • The ICEfaces Component Suite components now render browser markup that is XHTML v1.0 Transitional compliant, as defined by the W3C specification. 
  • Portal Support
    • Additional Portal Container Support
      • ICEfaces Beta introduces support for the following additional portal containers (see Supported Platforms for the complete list):
        • Apache Pluto
        • Jetspeed 2
      • The ICEfaces Developer's Guide has been updated with deployment instructions for these portal containers.
    • Improved Support for BEA WebLogic Portal
      • Asynchronous ICEfaces portlets are now supported on WebLogic Portal.
Refer to the ReleaseNotes.html included in each release bundle for details.

Ken Fyten
VP Product Development
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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