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ICEfaces 1.7.0-RC1 is now available for download.

ICEfaces v1.7.0 RC1 is a release-candidate build that provides a feature-complete preview of the new features, enhancements, and fixes that will be included in the upcoming ICEfaces v1.7 release. Although this build has successfully completed regression testing issues may still exist, thus, it is not recommended for production use.

Please review the Known Issues section in the included ReleaseNotes.html prior to using this release.
You may report any issues with this build to the ICEfaces Development Build Feedback forum or the ICEfaces JIRA issue tracker.

Notable Enhancements
  • New Component Showcase v2.0 Preview!
    • A preview of a major revision of the Component Showcase sample app. is included in this release
    • Features:
      • Separate apps. for JSP and Facelets versions (for ease of code-comprehension)
      • Simplification of component demos
      • Revised styling and layout
      • Includes a preview of the all-new "Rime" style-theme for the ICEfaces Component Suite
        • Code better illustrates ICEfaces best-practices
        • Now possible to view both page markup and backing-bean source code from within the app.
        • Each demo lists additional resources for components used in the demo, such as component tld docs, tutorials, etc.
    • See the README.TXT file in the ../icefaces/samples/component-showcase2/ folder for details
  • Enhanced Documentation
    • ICEfaces Getting Started Guide
      • Refreshed for 1.7
      • New chapter - "ICEfaces Design Decisions — Using ICEfaces in Your Project" - Reviews important considerations and design decisions to be made regarding how ICEfaces will be configured, used, and deployed in your project.
    • ICEfaces Developer's Guide
      • Refreshed for 1.7
      • New and enhanced sections:
        • JavaScript API Reference
        • Using ICEfaces with JSF 1.2
        • ICEfaces Library Dependencies
        • Connection Mgmt.
        • Server-initiated Rendering API
        • Optimizing Asynchronous Communications (ICEfaces AHS, Jetty Continuations, Tomcat 6.0 NIO, Glassfish Grizzly integration, etc.)
        • Developing Portlets with ICEfaces
        • Appendix A - ICEfaces Library Dependencies Matrix
        • Appendix B - ICEfaces Configuration Parameter Overview
  • Components
    • New Layout Panel
      • A new ice:panelLayout component has been added.
      • Provides a useful layout panel for supporting relative positioning of components within the panel, such as when using IDEs that support visual design of JSP or Facelet pages.
    • Enhanced Connection Status Component
      • The ice:outputConnectionStatus component has been enhanced to optionally display popup error dialogs for session expiry or connection lost errors.
  • Framework
      Improved Asynchronous Connection Mgmt. and Robustness
      • Asynchronous connection mgmt. has been improved to reduce the frequency of "Connection Lost" failures.
      • Default connection settings values have been adjusted to be more tolerant of connections with higher latency.
      • Issues with frequent logging of "Query does not contain parameter named: ice.session" have been resolved.
      • Async thread cleanup has been improved to reduce the possiblity of threads not being garbage-collected after session expiry.
    • Bridge Optimizations
      • The ICEfaces JavaScript Bridge has been optimized for even-lower static and dynamic memory consumption in all browsers.

Refer to the ReleaseNotes.html included in each release bundle for details.

Ken Fyten
VP Product Development
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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