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ICEfaces 1.7.1 is now available for download or SVN repository checkout.

ICEfaces 1.7.1 is a certified maintenance release that includes over 100 fixes and improvements. Notable improvements include:

Asynchronous Rendering (Ajax Push)
  • New SessionRenderer API
    • The new org.icefaces.x.core.push.SessionRenderer API allows an application to initiate rendering asynchronously and independently of user interaction for a session or a group of sessions.
    • The SessionRenderer provides a very simple API for adding Ajax Push into ICEfaces applications that don't require the more specialized asynchronous update capabilities provided by the existing RenderManager API.
  • New Broadcast Render capabilities
    • Both the new SessionRenderer API and the existing RenderManager API now support broadcasted renders, whereby a request for a render is broadcasted across the nodes in a cluster, enabling asynchronous (push) updates to span sessions on multiple nodes in a cluster.
  • Enhanced RenderManager
    • The RenderManager API has added support for fine-grained control of broadcasted renders as well as added session awareness.
ICEfaces Component Suite
  • New ice:outputHtml, ice:outputHead, and ice:outputBody components have been added to support environments that require JSF components for all significant page elements, such as the NetBeans 6.1 Visual Designer.
  • The ice:dataTable footer can now optionally be rendered outside of the scrollable region via the new "scrollFooter" attribute on the dataTable component.
  • The ice:inputFile component is now easier to use in asynchronous update mode, and offers improved support for use in synchronous mode.
  • The ice:selectInputDate component can now optionally display drop-down lists for rapid selection of months and years.
  • The ice:graphicImage component can now accept a byte[] for the image instead of a URL, which provides better support for rendering images from databases, blobs, etc.
  • The ice:panelPositioned component can now accept an Array in addition to the existing List types.
  • The ice:inputRichText component can now optionally save it's value with each form submit or partialSubmit, instead of requiring the user to first select the "Save" toolbar button. Use the new "saveOnSubmit" boolean attribute to enable this behavior.
  • The ice:panelPopup can now be configured to not partialSubmit it's form after each drag event via the new "clientOnly" boolean attribute.
  • Clicking on the label for an ice:selectManyCheckbox or ice:selectOneRadio will now toggle or select the corresponding checkbox or radiobutton.
  • Resizable dataTable Columns will now retain user-adjusted column widths across page refreshes, dataPaginator pages changes, etc.
  • New auto-detection and configuration for Glassfish Grizzly ARP (Asynchronous Request Processing).
  • Using ICEfaces AHS together with Glassfish v2 is now supported.
  • A potential memory leak when using concurrentDomViews=true has been corrected.
  • The Firefox v3.0 and Opera v9.5 browsers are now officially supported.
3rd Party Framework Support
  • Spring Web Flow
    • This release includes preliminary support for Spring Web Flow v2.0 (final).
  • JBoss Seam
    • The Seam Mail feature is now supported.
    • Seam workspaces (Conversation switching) is now supported.
Please read the ReleaseNotes.html included in the release bundle for complete details on new features, known issues, and other notes.

Ken Fyten
VP Product Development
ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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